Darby Borough Boomers
Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:55pm


  • Re: off the topicfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 1:53pm
    Yes Jack its me Tony/Cookie
    • TONY — jack_corcoran, Sun Jul 12 2:55pm
      • Re: TONYfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 2:58pm
        Just did from old post.We got pics of youout front u had to be 16........Tony
        • picturesjack_corcoran, Sun Jul 12 4:56pm
          Tony,how much money do want for those pictures?If they fall into the wrong hands,I,m dogmeat.Ten thousand,20 thousand,name it.
          • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 5:01pm
            LOL you Just help mee find them...I have 1s from wildwood wiht J SUCHKER amongest others
            • Mr. SSSJoey Shuker, Tue Jul 14 2:24pm
              Mr.S !! How are you brother ?? email me at joeshuker@comcast.net or give me a call 610-804-6462...need to catch up brother...if you can try to do it before friday ( going up the mountains with 22... more
            • Re: picturesBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 12 7:23pm
              Tony, I will help you find those pictures....who needs Jack C!! I bet those pictures are great and we all would like to see them here in boomerland. That is what we do, share our memories and as... more
              • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Mon Jul 13 12:10pm
                I have pics of moutain n shore house n even Jack when he was bout 16
                • Nan and Grampsjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 16 7:58am
                  Thank you
                • Re: picturesBarbara Boesenhofer, Mon Jul 13 10:35pm
                  JACKPOT!!!! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait, Tony!! Jack C. this should be good!! Ha! Chrissy...Oh noooooooo, there's pictures!!! LMAO!!!! Tony, I will be in touch!!!
                  • Blackmail JC with pics right Barb?Paula Evans Brown, Tue Jul 14 7:12am
                    JACKPOT is right!!!!! Barb, that jackpot is right on Lawrence Avenue! Tony Spano's dad....was a GREAT photographer...he took wonderful pictures all the time, he has TONS of pics. I will have to make... more
                    • Blackmail This!!!Jack Rhodes, Thu Jul 16 8:39am
                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfcisnVHtA0 We ain't got nothin' to hide.... one summer moring I was staggering onto the Stone Harbor beach after a night of debauchery (ok, I was a little older...... more
                    • Blackmail JC with pics right Barb?Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jul 14 10:11pm
                      Hurry up Paula!!!! How much fun is this going to be!!! LMAO!!! I don't think we need to worry about blackmail though....I think Jack C. is all talk!!! BUT, it wouldn't hurt for us to have, oh I don't ... more
                  • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Mon Jul 13 10:37pm
              • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Sun Jul 12 7:31pm
                let me know wen you can come over.......Im still around the coner from paula.
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