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Re: pictures
Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:31pm

let me know wen you can come over.......Im still around the coner from paula.

  • Re: picturesBarbara Boesenhofer, Sun Jul 12 7:23pm
    Tony, I will help you find those pictures....who needs Jack C!! I bet those pictures are great and we all would like to see them here in boomerland. That is what we do, share our memories and as... more
    • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Mon Jul 13 12:10pm
      I have pics of moutain n shore house n even Jack when he was bout 16
      • Nan and Grampsjack_corcoran, Thu Jul 16 7:58am
        Thank you
      • Re: picturesBarbara Boesenhofer, Mon Jul 13 10:35pm
        JACKPOT!!!! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait, Tony!! Jack C. this should be good!! Ha! Chrissy...Oh noooooooo, there's pictures!!! LMAO!!!! Tony, I will be in touch!!!
        • Blackmail JC with pics right Barb?Paula Evans Brown, Tue Jul 14 7:12am
          JACKPOT is right!!!!! Barb, that jackpot is right on Lawrence Avenue! Tony Spano's dad....was a GREAT photographer...he took wonderful pictures all the time, he has TONS of pics. I will have to make... more
          • Blackmail This!!!Jack Rhodes, Thu Jul 16 8:39am
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfcisnVHtA0 We ain't got nothin' to hide.... one summer moring I was staggering onto the Stone Harbor beach after a night of debauchery (ok, I was a little older...... more
            • Blackmail This!!!Barbara Boesenhofer, Thu Jul 16 9:31pm
              Well we are glad you don't have no backdown....cause we are looking forward to the smackdown!!!!!!! See you on the field and PLEASE wear your cut off Wranglers with the holes in all the RIGHT... more
              • Smackdown???Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 17 7:24am
                Whoa!!! So it's SMACKDOWN TIME NOW! Hummm...I'll forgo the cutoffs, I'm going for cleats. Besides if my old butt has to slide, I'd rather not lose any.... well... anything...LOL
                • Re: Smackdown???donna (costigan) wigmore, Sat Jul 18 7:12am
                  Jack, I have readily admitted to half of the free world that I'm not a baseball enthusiast. However, I must say . . . I do believe the cleats are worn on a different area of the body. No? Maybe the... more
                  • Donna Dear...Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 7:41am
                    The holes were for making and the CLEATS are for TAKING! As this subject will be better demonstrated than explained, I'll have to leave it at that. See ya at the ball game. Jack R. p.s.: The holes... more
          • Blackmail JC with pics right Barb?Barbara Boesenhofer, Tue Jul 14 10:11pm
            Hurry up Paula!!!! How much fun is this going to be!!! LMAO!!! I don't think we need to worry about blackmail though....I think Jack C. is all talk!!! BUT, it wouldn't hurt for us to have, oh I don't ... more
        • Re: picturesfindingnino117, Mon Jul 13 10:37pm
    • Re: pictures — findingnino117, Sun Jul 12 7:31pm
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