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donna (costigan) wigmore
Re: Smackdown???
Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:12am

Jack, I have readily admitted to half of the free world that I'm not a baseball enthusiast. However, I must say . . . I do believe the cleats are worn on a different area of the body. No?

Maybe the story Jack C told about Uncle Syl and the protector got you a little confused. I'm not seeing the correlation between your strategically placed holes in your cutoffs and wearing your cleats. Unless the holes to which you refer are the ones you use to put your little feetsies in!

Please 'splain it to me Ricky!

  • Smackdown???Jack Rhodes, Fri Jul 17 7:24am
    Whoa!!! So it's SMACKDOWN TIME NOW! Hummm...I'll forgo the cutoffs, I'm going for cleats. Besides if my old butt has to slide, I'd rather not lose any.... well... anything...LOL
    • Re: Smackdown??? — donna (costigan) wigmore, Sat Jul 18 7:12am
      • Donna Dear...Jack Rhodes, Sat Jul 18 7:41am
        The holes were for making and the CLEATS are for TAKING! As this subject will be better demonstrated than explained, I'll have to leave it at that. See ya at the ball game. Jack R. p.s.: The holes... more
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