Darby Borough Boomers
Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:12am

LOL! I can so see that - he WAS a bear of a boy!
I have a picture of me as a baby, Stephen (15 months older), Rosanne (9 years older) & Michael (12 years older). People have looked at that picture & asked if Rosanne & Michael were our parents!
As far as practice...SILLY BOY! WE don't need to practice; we're that damn good!!

  • MICHAELjack_corcoran, Sat Jul 18 8:02am
    Hello Jeanne,I,m going to change gears here a little.It,s about Michael.A big sweet schoolmate back in the BVM days.Pertaining to a cloakroom incident,there were four of us one day in the cloakroom... more
    • Maichael---Jack — jeanne schell, Sat Jul 18 11:12am
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