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donna (costigan) wigmore
Happy Birthday Jack Rhodes
Wed Jan 6, 2010 5:16am

A day in the life of Jack R - today . . . he turns 62 years young.
We love you Alfalfa-Jack. Many happy returns of the day! x0, darla-donna

    • Re: Happy Birthday Jack Rhodeslarry diemer, Fri Jan 8 3:33pm
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK....62? i thought u were older then me...lol
      • Larry D.Jack Rhodes, Fri Jan 8 4:37pm
        LOL... Older/younger... don't matter no more brother... we're both old!!
    • Happy Happy Birthdaymary doc, Thu Jan 7 4:28am
      may your day be filled with sunshine and live free as a bird Happy Birthday Jack
    • Re: Happy Birthday Jack RhodesLutzie, Wed Jan 6 8:43pm
      happy birthday, Jack. may you enjoy many more.
      • LutzieJack R., Wed Jan 6 9:57pm
        Thanks Brother. I was out on the bike this afternoon. only lasted about an hour, but you were so right! There's nothing better for blowin out the cobwebs.
    • round houseChico, Wed Jan 6 4:53pm
      Hang on guys I just stoped at Ohagens and got you a lawyer Mr Harkins.and I are on our way down hang in there.
      • ChicoIce Man, Wed Jan 6 7:16pm
        Quick thinking Bobby,I'm sure they all passed their"BAR"exam at OHagen's Chico saves the day again
      • ice/jr/birthdayTATTB 5, Wed Jan 6 6:33pm
        Final entry....thanks to Ed Hark we are all out and home after posting bail...which was paid in all one dollar bills ....
      • Apparition... Hallucination Jack R., Wed Jan 6 5:29pm
        Ok,,,, I am naked except for the gloves, but Rizzo just looked into my cell, and I decided to find out just how screwed I was... he still had a can of MACE in each hand, and I flipped him two gloved... more
    • jr/ice manjb, Wed Jan 6 12:22pm
      Dont leave...i just picked up larry d. chico and darby red we are on our way...i have my dollar bill with the string taped to it ready to go...20 mins .. dont leave....
      • HurryThe Ice Man, Wed Jan 6 12:35pm
        Hurry men,all JR is wearing is his belt and gloves
        • jr/ice/birthdayjbrad, Wed Jan 6 1:22pm
          Any Lawyers on this site??? Any Bail Bondsmen ???? Theres trouble in Cold River City and i mean trouble with a capital "T"....please respond asap... Call the roundhouse and ask for one of the TATTB... more
          • ice/jr/birthdayjb, Wed Jan 6 6:14pm
            Inquiring minds want to know what is TATTB ? that would be "Trouble At The Titty Bar" I hope this doesnt make the papers....
          • jr/ice/birthdayjb, Wed Jan 6 1:35pm
            YES i know there was six of us but when chico got a look at what was goin on he had the good sense to get the hell out of there,,,Unfortunately(SP) the rest of us did not....HELP!!! SOS... more
            • Hold onIce Man, Wed Jan 6 3:49pm
              Sorry J.B. and gang,The Philly Cops that nabbed us,also buy Paper products from My Company,they recognized me and let me go.I'm negotiating with them now.I offered them some Beer Cups,plates and... more
              • was i having a good time???Jack R., Wed Jan 6 4:37pm
                If I was then it's the price ya pay...UH OH!!! Damn, I just saw Frank Rizzo in his Police Commissioners Uniform, and he had a can of MACE in each hand... Deja Vu??? Flashback??? Where is everybody???
                • birthdayjb, Wed Jan 6 6:20pm
                  When last i saw you ...you were handcuffed to the pole and wearing some kind of mask.. If those women didnt break out the cat -o-nine tails none of this would have happened....... Ah what the hell... more
                  • cool...Jack R., Wed Jan 6 9:53pm
                    I was having a great time.... thanks guys. I owe ya.
              • RoundhouseJack R., Wed Jan 6 4:10pm
                Yo Ice Man...skip the snack bro. my cell ain't heated and as reported all I got is my belt and gloves... I'm having either a flashback, or a freakin senior momemt... now they're taking my belt!
    • BirthdayThe Ice Man, Wed Jan 6 12:08pm
      Just had Jack R down here for lunch on Columbus Blvd by the river. Asked him where he would like to go. I work next to the Peep Show{Show and Tell],The Penns Port Pub and Club Risque. He wanted all... more
      • BirthdayIce Man, Wed Jan 6 12:14pm
        I know what your thinking JB: The Ice Man Cometh
    • Happy HappyRich C, Wed Jan 6 11:49am
      Do Fewakis celebrate birthdays? If so,HOW,Kimo-Sabe?
    • jack rhodes happy birthdayjbrad, Wed Jan 6 11:44am
      just recd e mail from one of our finer dbb women wanting to know why i hadnt sent jack a birthday greeting....not that its any of your business,but i sent him three Birthday wishes so far today... more
      • Re: JB's birthday wishes to JRjeanne schell, Fri Jan 8 7:42pm
        First of all..those damn meddling women - lol Secondly.. I thought that was damn cute!
    • Happy BirthdayBobby Teta, Wed Jan 6 10:47am
      Happy Birthday to you brother Rhodes. Chico
    • Big JLittle J, Wed Jan 6 7:46am
      From one J to another Have a damn good one
    • BirthdayMary Street, Wed Jan 6 6:41am
      Jack, Happy Birthday.....I hope its a good one
    • Happy Birthday, Jack R.Barbara Boesenhofer, Wed Jan 6 6:09am
      Happy Birthday, Jack R!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your day!!!! Love you!!!!!
    • jacksonchuck, Wed Jan 6 5:27am
      Happy Birthday Brother your catching me
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