Darby Borough Boomers
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Rich C
Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....
Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:52pm

Lobster Pot.....just down from the Franklin Mint on Baltimore Pike

    • Restaurants that aren't there anymoreKenneth G. Watts Jr., Fri Jul 29 10:34am
      How about Paganos, The Hawaiin Cottage, Then in our hometown Jack in the Box. Buddy Magee"s family had an eatery near Flash auto!!! Gino's at Springfield and MacDade. Al's at 7th and Pine,... more
      • re: 7th & Pinejeanne schell, Sun Jul 31 11:37am
        Wasn't it also something like "6 - 12" at one point? To compete with the 7-11. I remember it being Snack & Chat & this other name. Stephen & I created a 'gustatory delight' ..aka a sandwich we dreamt ... more
      • Restaurant at 7th and PineJanet Gerry-Herrmann, Sat Jul 30 5:43am
        For the longest time couldn't remember the name of the restaurant at 7th and Pine. Thanks for letting us know ...
        • 7th and PineJimmy Hultz, Sat Jul 30 6:51am
          I remember it as Tuckers or Tucks.
    • Restaurants that are long goneDiane, Tue Jul 26 8:22pm
      The Root Beer Mug on Chester pike in Ridley park, Robinson's Diner in Southwest Philly. the Alpine Inn in Springfield.
      • Rootbeer MugMike, Sun Apr 17 6:27pm
        Diane, Do you know exactly where this place was? I lived there from '71-80 and never heard of it.
      • mugdale, Sun Dec 11 4:24pm
        i love the mug best ever
    • Restaurants Patricia DelSordo, Tue Jul 26 8:29am
      Hot Shoppe in Upper Darby, White Tower Macdade Blvd. Darby Diner, Pancake House, sprinfield.
    • Hennesey's on Chester Pike in Norwood, PA.
      • RestaurantsJohn Zimmerman, Tue Jul 26 1:50pm
        How about H & H, located at Baltimore Pike & Lansdowne Ave
    • Restaarants that aren't there anymorechenry2646, Fri Jul 22 10:06pm
      the one that comes to mind is the Ground Round on Rt. 320 in Springfield. Great place take kids - the could make a mess and nobody cared...well at least the parents didn't. ;)
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Anonymous, Wed Jul 13 6:00pm
      The Longhorn - Baltimore Pike before Granite Run Mall - it is now a car dealership.
      • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....KevinQuinn, Wed Jul 27 12:07pm
        It was called the Log Cabin Inn.
        • Log Cabin Inn v. LonghormKevin O'Brien , Sun Aug 30 9:25am
          The Log Cabin Inn and The Longhorn were two different restaurants. Longhorn was out past Wawa across from the cemetery (and was replaced by Pulsations). LCI was in that strange triangular piece of... more
          • fun memoriesAl Knystautas, Mon Aug 31 11:41am
            Was at the Log Cabin Inn once... for a New Year's Eve party. With a bunch of the 'Parkers'. What a crazy time that was... involved sneaking in a bottle of Seagram's 7 in the inside pocket of a... more
    • RestaurantsSandy, Wed Jul 13 12:35am
      Before it was the Lobster Pot, it was Chicken-In-The-Basket and out near WAWA headquarters was "The Wild Goose" which is how WAWA got its name, its Indian for Wild Goose. Also "The Anderson House"... more
    • 7 STARS Chinese in Sharon Hill Pretty good food
    • Restaurants not there anymore.Barbara Boyle Micucci, Sat Jun 11 5:46pm
      Marra's and The Fireside Restaurant both on Baltimore Pike, Springfield.
    • The Bamboo Restaurant +Bar on Springfield Rd.,Clifton Hgts. It's now Lotsa Pasta.
      • Restaurants that aren't there anymoreSeed, Mon Jun 6 9:24pm
        The Blue Commet ----- D & C Long Lane (what a name)
        • re: restaurants....jeanne schell, Tue Jun 7 5:50am
          Did we mention Captain D's yet?
          • capt dDiane Barlam Geddes, Wed Jun 8 6:20am
            Not sure I remember that place...
            • Captain D'sJeanne Schell, Thu Jun 9 5:59am
              It was where the Dunkin Donuts is on Chester Pike, near the Wells Fargo. In the Ac-uh-me shopping center. It was also Seafood America (Rick reminded me). Captain D's made some kick a$$... more
              • AcmeMarti (Boyd) McGeary, Sat Jun 11 10:16am
                Loved the spelling pronunciation of Acme (Ac-uh-me) so true...we all did this. also Darby Crick (Creek) was always pronounced like the crick in your neck, but everyone always said Cobbs Creek. anyway ... more
                • acmejeanne schell, Sat Jun 11 9:53pm
                  Yup...we were unique in our 'grammar & diction'. We also 'knocked up' for someone to come out & play.
              • Capt D's/JeanneDiane Barlam Geddes, Fri Jun 10 8:36am
                Still have no clue remembering that place...Darby has changed so many times, I guess I pulled a Rip Van Winkle and slept thru that one, Jeanne !
                • 'sokay, Dianejeanne schell, Sat Jun 11 9:50pm
                  Diane... 'sokay; you are allowed a Rip van Winkle every now & then. They weren't there too long, sorry to say....
      • RE: restaurants...jeanne schell, Sun Jun 5 9:53pm
        Lotsa Pasta has been thru several name changes over the years, too....
    • Captain StarnsNancy Collins, Sun Oct 24 9:39pm
      Captain Starns was on the Atlantic City boardwalk. You could look through part of the floor right into the water, and I sort of remember something about a diving bell.
      • remembering places to eat that are no morejackie, Tue Jun 7 10:31am
        the diving bell was out on Steel Peir Luciano's ( across from Playland that is now Kohls on Baltimore Pike Lima Farms ( which was located almost where the Granite Run Mall is The Wild Goose ( Out... more
        • Remembering places to eat that are no moreLinda (Mohan) Reinert, Wed Jun 8 12:53pm
          Darn you are good!!!! Marra's was the best Italian around in Delaware County. Best pizza ever.
        • remembering places to eatDiane Barlam Geddes, Wed Jun 8 6:19am
          Jackie. I loved Marra"s..I even used to say that they had the best water in town LOL...Ate many times at Luciano;s..(across from Playtown Park..they used to make a pizza with american cheese on the... more
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....pat A , Fri Oct 22 11:06pm
      Waitressed at the lobster pot Great place to work Pat A
      • Lobster PotKevin Shaw, Sun Aug 7 8:05pm
        I was the bartender between 1974 - 77/78 Worked with Mike Spangler(manager) Danny Pitinos, Dan Haley, Patty Tracey,Poly?, Carol Myers, John Myers, Cathy Myers, Cindy McMillen & others
        • Lobster PotDiane Barlam Geddes, Mon Aug 8 9:03am
          Lobster Pot no more and still nothing there...I remember it being a treat for us to travel sooooo far to have dinner. Does anyone remember Sparns where CVS in Springfield is now? They used to have a... more
      • RestaurantsDanielle, Sat Oct 23 9:08am
        I miss the "MAGIC PAN" in Springfield Mall. John Wanamaker's had tea sanwiches there tpp
        • RESTAURANTSOren Lutz, Mon Oct 25 8:11am
          When I graduated from Bonner, My Parents took me to "Carriage House" for dinner on Lansdowne Ave in Drexel Hill. I think it was on the right side just before you got to Twp Line Rd. Being one of 8... more
        • restaurantsKathy McGoldrick, Sun Oct 24 7:58am
          How about Horn & Hardant in Lansdowne. We went there for all our special days, like first holy communion and confirmation. I even went there when I graduated high school.
    • Restaurants that aren't there anymorejeanne schell, Fri Oct 22 11:00pm
      Sparn's on Baltimore Pike..Fireside also on Baltimore Pike. What was the name of the little place over near Pantry Pride in Darby? I took my parents there when I became a 'gainfully employed' person... more
    • Arthur Treachers Fish+Chips.....Chester Pike? MacDade Blvd.? Glenolden or Sharon Hill?
    • BeBop Picturesgeorgeq, Sat Mar 13 12:20am
      I'm George Anthony and I was the DJ at the BeBop Cafe at Granite Run and there are pictures of the club on my website, just click on the link and go to nightclubs, and I'm glad you had good memories... more
      • George AnthonyLarry Schnepp, Sat Oct 23 8:40am
        IS this the same George Anthony that worked at Boeing a few years back?
        • George Anthonygeorgeq, Sat Oct 23 6:22pm
          Yes, been a few years since I've been at Boeing
          • George AnthonyLarry Schnepp, Sun Oct 24 6:43am
            Paul Mazzatesta & I used to bug you all the time. You probably wouldn't recognize the place. Many new faces, but some of the old are still around. Hope you're doing well.
            • george anthony boeinggeorgeq, Sun Oct 24 1:02pm
              I'm hanging in there, health was what forced me to leave and continues to be an issue for me. Other people told me how things have changed there, I guess that's progress or maybe not, tell Paul I... more
      • Re: BeBop Picturesmaria bellano scandle, Sun Mar 14 8:59am
        Georg Anthony, did you used to DJ at the Ramada back in the 80's?
        • Gearge AnthonyKevin Quinn, Wed Jul 27 12:11pm
          He sure did!!! My crew went there every Friday/Saturday night back in the day! He used to live in Folcroft on my UPS route.
          • Re: Gearge Anthonymaria bellano scandle, Wed Jul 27 12:27pm
            Hi Kevin! Long time no see. I posted this message a while ago! George answered me since..... He was DJ at the Ramada when I met my husband, who was a bartender there, back in the early-mid 80's.... more
        • BeBop Picturesgeorgeq, Sun Mar 14 3:26pm
          Hi Maria, yes that was me at the Ramada, started in 1977 left in 1983, then oversaw the music at Flanigan's, Popcorns in King Of Prussia, Mardi Gras in NE Philly and BeBop Cafe at Granite Run, and on ... more
          • Re: BeBop Picturesmaria bellano scandle, Sun Mar 14 4:55pm
            I used to go to the Ramada all the time! I remember you and Sam Bingham. I was dating Mike Scandle, he bartended there for a long time. His brother Tommy worked in banquets. Mike and I have been... more
            • BeBop Picturesgeorgeq, Sun Mar 14 5:52pm
              I do remember, even though I'm halfway to senility. I do an oldies show now on weekends 1-2pm and also a show with today's hits and some old stuff that we used to play at some of the clubs on an... more
              • Re: BeBop Picturesmaria bellano scandle, Sun Mar 14 6:26pm
                I'll go check out the video. And the radio station! I'm always looking for a new internet station to listen to at work. I'll check it out on Monday. Thanks! Take care!
            • BeBop Pictures (nm)georgeq, Sun Mar 14 5:43pm
    • Club in Granite RunBobby Teta, Mon Mar 1 2:32pm
      The club in the Granite Run Mall was called The BEE Bop Cafe
    • What was the name of the bar/club in the Granite Run Mall?? Upper level near Penney's??
    • Restaurants that aren.t there anymorAnonymous, Sun Feb 28 2:30pm
      How many remember the restaurant that was across the brige from the Wendy. I think the name was Peter Pan. How about the two coffee shops at the bus and trolley depots.
      • Peter PanSandy, Tue Jul 26 12:28am
        I think you are right about the place Peter Pan.
    • restaurantsjb, Thu Feb 25 6:20pm
      September's...Balt Pike Springield.
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Sun Feb 21 10:47pm
      The Broomall.....Mac Dade Blvd.
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Sun Feb 21 10:17pm
      Critics Choice.....Chester Pike....later became Delmonicos.
      • Restaurents that aren't there anymoreLinda B, Sun Feb 21 11:23pm
        Hi Rich, I couldn't remember the name of that place. John and I ate there a couple of times in the late 80's. They had sketchs of people all of the walls like frank sinatra if I remember correctly.... more
    • RestuarantsMel, Sat Feb 20 6:58pm
      A little out of the way,but back in the late 60s early 70s in Conchohoken a Place called The Warehouse.It was an old Warehouse with a Restuarant inside.You could eat in a Cave A Funeral Car or a... more
      • melchuck, Sat Feb 20 7:33pm
        Food was great me and Janice lived around the corner from there when we got married
    • restaurantsThe Maalox Man, Sat Feb 20 6:37pm
      Always a homerun when we went to WES COVINGTONS BBQ on Hook Rd...Darby Township...or we'd go down the street a little further and visit the KING........ "Eddies"... King of Hot Dogs....Little trailer ... more
    • Here Today, Gone Tomorrowdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sat Feb 20 2:05pm
      Dairy Cottage in Springfield, Hackney's & Captain Starn's in AC, Longhorne Inn, Alpine Inn, the Artemis on South Street, Bookbinders, the Grog Shop, & Torello's Philly. I don't think Kelly's is there ... more
      • Re: here today..jeanne schell, Mon Feb 22 8:15pm
        Donna-- Dairy Cottage IS still there..at least as recently as a month ago when I ate there...good food..their wraps are AWESOME
        • Re: here today..maria bellano scandle, Tue Feb 23 7:50am
          We used to go shopping for our ski clothes across the street from there (can't remember the name of the store) and then go to Dairy Cottage for lunch or dinner. They used to make the most amazing... more
      • Taurello'sGeorgiana Roth Powderly, Sun Feb 21 3:26am
        Donna, So glad you mentioned Taurello's in Philly. It was a personal favorite and since Chestnut St. has changed so much over the years with Liberty Place, etc. I've been trying to place where the... more
        • Re: Taurello'sdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sun Feb 21 7:21am
          Guess what I found?!? It was at 1623 Chestnut Street and it is "Tarello's". Yay!!!
          • Tarello'sGeorgiana Roth Powderly, Sun Feb 21 8:49am
            Donna, You are my hero...maybe my spelling was the cause of my dead ends...and as I guessed Libery Place has swallowed up its former site. I owe you a spaghetti with mushroom sauce...best in the... more
        • Re: Taurello'sdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sun Feb 21 6:28am
          Hi Georgiana, If memory serves, it was catty-corner to Bonwit Teller at 17th and Chestnut. It was close to I. Lewis - the shoe store. They had the most wonderful Italian food. The same list that you... more
          • Philly restaurantsGeorgiana Roth Powderly, Sun Feb 21 9:01am
            Donna, I just saw your second response...what great memories you have of Philly as well. Two of my daughters live in center city now so I'm in all the time and are even more familiar with the... more
          • Miss Headlys anyone?Rich C, Sun Feb 21 8:54am
            Before my wife and I were married we went to a place in Center City called Miss Headlys,sort of a Victorian style place where you could get this big tray of cheese+crackers and fruit and sit around... more
            • Miss Head lysAnonymous, Sun Feb 21 9:50am
              I think i have been there few tmes while under the influence of something or other but the "menu" was quite different than what you describe...very different....
      • Re: Here Today, Gone TomorrowRich C, Sat Feb 20 2:37pm
        Dairy Cottage is still there in Springfield. In fact,about 2 years ago they built an addition onto the building. You mentioned a couple Philly places there so I'll mention 2 I went to....JC Dobbs on... more
        • RestuarantsMel, Sat Feb 20 3:27pm
          Roast Beef:Peps 420 Great Italian:Strolle's,Eddystone.
          • Re: Restuarantsdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sat Feb 20 3:53pm
            OMG - Peps had S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. good roast beef and roast pork!!
            • PepsSandy, Tue Jul 26 12:32am
              Agreed - Peps was awesome.
            • RestaurantsLinda B, Sat Feb 20 7:11pm
              I loved going to Peps. It was a favorite place to go when we wanted Roast beef and roast pork. Can't find sandwichs like that anywhere close by anymore.
              • Linda B.Restuaranteer, Sat Feb 20 7:22pm
                Linda B.How about Lair's Dutch Kitchen in the Villas. Great Food,Great Sunset. Still there?Anybody?
                • RestaurantsLinda B, Sat Feb 20 8:39pm
                  Hi, I'm not sure I know of that place. Is it good?
            • Re: RestuarantsRich C, Sat Feb 20 4:02pm
              These posts are making me hungry.
      • Re: Here Today, Gone Tomorrowdonna (costigan) wigmore, Sat Feb 20 2:09pm
        The Anvil Inn, Provident Ale House, Latin Casino, & Three Little Bakers.
    • MEl from Mels dinerBobby Teta, Sat Feb 20 1:48pm
      Yes thats right uncle Fiddle owned it at one time I think it was caleed Hoagie Mikes.
    • Trolley LoopFrank Spaide, Sat Feb 20 11:58am
      The restaurant at the trolley loop in the 60's. The best hotdogs with sauce at the time. Johnnies Hotdogs in Chester copy the sauce I think.
    • Key Bowling--- Fran SpaideBobby Teta, Sat Feb 20 10:56am
      Yes, Frank took an early out with the post office in 2003 and have been working for C21 in ridley Park since 2004. What kicked out by Vito or Gus what a suprise.
      • BobbyMel,from Mel's Diner, Sat Feb 20 11:05am
        A Hoagie Shop across from the now defunct bridge on Springfield Rd where the Red Arrow crossed. Uncle Fiddle owned it?
        • BobbyBob Dibeler, Sun Feb 21 6:45pm
          I remember it was called Mikes.
    • RaysFrank Spaide, Sat Feb 20 10:23am
      Bobby, Thanks. I remember going there after bowling at the Key Bowling alley and Vito kicking us out. Great hamburgers. That was before McD's and Gino's. Are you still in Real Estate?
      • Remember Sue's sweet shop CollingdaleCassie, Sun Feb 21 9:41am
        It was on Mc Dade.I always thought the Collingdale kids thought they were better then the Darby kids,
        • Re: Remember Sue's sweet shop Collingdaledonna (costigan) wigmore, Sun Feb 21 6:22pm
          I always thought Sue's was named for my cousin, Susan. Of course, it wasn't, but she was always everybody's favorite so it seemed only natural to me that they'd name a sweet shop after her. LoL.... more
    • Burger place--- Frank SpaideBobby Teta, Sat Feb 20 8:56am
      The place you are thinking of Frank was called Rays it was right at the bridge and the crick and he had all those ducks.
    • Hot Shoppe -Frank SpaideBobby Teta, Fri Feb 19 9:09pm
      Hi Frank, I think you are right pretty sure there was a pool hall across from hot shoppe.
      • poolroomchuck, Sat Feb 20 7:55am
        There was Frank and I spend many a night there but I can,t remember the name second floor
        • PoolroomBob Dibeler, Sun Feb 21 6:34pm
          The Pool Academy or just the Academy.
        • poolroomJohn Zimmerman, Sun Feb 21 1:48pm
          I believe it was named "Delco Billiards."
        • Pool RoomBall Buster, Sat Feb 20 9:31am
          May have been the"Cue and Cushion'
    • Rich CFrank spaide, Fri Feb 19 6:29pm
      What was the name of the burger place on Mac Dade before the bridge going to Springfield Road? It was in the 60's I believe. It was right near the creek.
    • ResturantsChuck Perrucci, Fri Feb 19 5:50pm
      Good old White tower, best burgers after a night of poker and beer at DFC #1.
    • restaurantsbobby teta, Fri Feb 19 2:23pm
      Somebody mentioned the redbarn and the steer inn, does anyone remember the mug on chester pike one of the last drive in and eat in your car places.
      • Hot ShoppeFrank Spaide, Fri Feb 19 6:26pm
        Hi Bobby, Wasn't the Hot Shoppe in Upper Darby across from the pool hall?
        • Hot ShoppeBob Dibeler, Sat Feb 20 1:33am
          Your right, Frank, I used to buy a Purple Cow there.
      • restaurantsjb, Fri Feb 19 4:15pm
        Hey Chico ..I dont remember any girls on roller skates coming to your car to take your order but i sure do remember the "MUG"....now home to J&M Tire co and just a parking lot.
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Thu Feb 18 10:27pm
      The Shack.....On Marshall Rd. near 69th St.........one block away.The Coop (if my memory is correct!)
    • restaurantsChef Tel Erhardt, Thu Feb 18 5:43pm
      DINER...Chester Pike same side of street as Dairy Queen but on other corner, cant remember name....HELP !
      • restaurantsChef Tel, Fri Feb 19 4:17pm
        HI Lorraine a little bird from Dbb says it was called LEINHAUSERS....The Anderson House was up further across Oak on the other side ...thanks
      • Diner Chester PikeLorraine, Thu Feb 18 10:08pm
        The Anderson House??
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Thu Feb 18 12:46pm
      The Magic Pan.......Springfield Mall? Holy Crepe Batman!
      • Worked there as a hostess in my " swiss Miss" outfit before I worked at the Mac Dade House
      • restaurantsAnonymous, Thu Feb 18 12:53pm
        • Re: restaurantsAnonymous, Thu Feb 18 12:55pm
          What? You think you're better than me? Watch me lift this computer...................
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Thu Feb 18 12:45pm
      The Creamery in Barclay Square. It's only memorable to me because I tried Quiche there for the first time.
    • restaurants/fast food typeWIMPY, Thu Feb 18 8:56am
      The Red Barn on Mac Dade and the Steer Inn..Chester Pike and South.ave ...
      • restauarants/fast food typeWimpy, Fri Feb 19 4:27pm
        The Steer Inn on the corner of Chester Pike and South Ave...said to be part of a chain owned by...DICK CLARK
      • RestaurantsLinda B, Thu Feb 18 5:20pm
        Hi, I worked at the Red Barn when I was in school. I don't remember the Steer Inn. Was that where Bonners bar is now? Unless that changed names too. lol
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Lorraine, Wed Feb 17 10:01pm
      Sparn's, The Country House, Luciani's,
    • Restaurantsjb, Wed Feb 17 7:36pm
      Hi. a few more from Baltimore Pike...The Fireside... The Village Porch....and an old time favorite of many "MARRA'S"....
      • Re: RestaurantsRich C, Wed Feb 17 8:18pm
        I had forgotten all about The Village Porch.....nice place. Two places I used to go when I was single that had bands....The Lodge on Union Ave.,Lansdowne and The Tudor House in Barclay Square,Upper... more
        • Re: RestaurantsRich C, Wed Feb 17 8:30pm
          Fernwood Diner.....Baltimore Pike near Church La. and the Philly border.
    • RestaurantsLinda B, Wed Feb 17 1:16pm
      Hawaiian Cottage in Cherry Hill
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Wed Feb 17 12:58pm
      Chi Chi's.....Behind Granite Run Mall.....Would you like Salmenella with that taco ?
    • restaurantsBobby Teta, Wed Feb 17 8:54am
      Yes Larry it was some where in between the hardware store and Johns bargain store, I remember being in there with my parents a few times.
    • RestaurantsBobby Teta, Wed Feb 17 6:01am
      This is far from a restaurant and going back some but does anybody remember horn and hardart on main st Darby .
      • RestaurantsSuzanne (Kilday)Goldberg, Fri Feb 19 2:17am
        Latin Casino, Chrystal Room at Wanamakers, Pub Tiki,
      • Re: RestaurantsJanice Breese, Thu Feb 18 8:36am
        Good old Darby Diner..lol
        • DDchuck, Thu Feb 18 2:29pm
          The Best French fries and gravy in the land.
        • Darby Diner was my FAVdebbie, Thu Feb 18 9:02am
          Sundays after walking from the Elmwood skating rink, great turkey dinner with mashed and gravy lol
      • H & H in Darby . . .Bob Dibeler, Thu Feb 18 2:04am
        If I remember, it was cafeteria style.
      • RestaurantsFrank H, Thu Feb 18 12:19am
        I rememberit. They the best potato salad around.
        • RestaurantsSuzanne (Kilday)Goldberg, Fri Feb 19 1:42am
          The Robinson Diner, Darby Diner, Collingdale Diner, Darby Restaurant MacDAde Dine,Marlane Diner,Jack in the Box?. Lobster Pot, The Anise, The Fernwood Diner,
          • RestuarantsMel from Mel's Diner, Sat Feb 20 9:55am
            The "R Way" Baltimore Pike Springfield,it was next to Conicelli Toyota. The Carriage Stop,Landsdowne ave. Baltimore Junction. The Original Blue Comet,Union and Baltimore Pike Best take out Seafood... more
          • RestaurantsBob Dibeler, Sat Feb 20 1:11am
            The Clifton Diner.
      • RestaurantsLarry, Wed Feb 17 8:23am
        BoB, I remember that Horn and Hardart's very well. Didn't think anyone else did. Wasn't it right next to John's Bargain Basement? They had the best chocolate covered cupcakes. It was more of a... more
        • old restaurantssusan kofroth, Thu Feb 18 8:49am
          how about the anderson house on chester pike in glenolden
          • restaurantsAnonymous, Thu Feb 18 8:53am
            Good one Susan...the old ANDY ,,,Oak and chester pike
        • H & H in Darby . . .Bob Dibeler, Thu Feb 18 2:07am
          You hit the nail on the head.
        • Hello...Ya ain't that much older...Jack Rhodes, Wed Feb 17 2:27pm
          I think I was in every Horn and Hardart's, including the one in our own town.
      • Re: RestaurantsRich C, Wed Feb 17 6:25am
        I remember there was a Horn+Hardart in Lansdowne in the area where the draft induction center was.
        • H & H in Lansdowne. . .Bob Dibeler, Thu Feb 18 2:06am
          Yep, we called it Hungry Harry's.
        • Horn and Hardartmaria bellano scandle, Wed Feb 17 8:43am
          I remember that Horn and Hardart. Loved to eat there as a kid. The "automat" style was so cool!
    • Re: Restaurants that aren't there anymore.....Rich C, Tue Feb 16 10:06pm
      Log Cabin.....Near Granite Run Mall on Baltimore Pike at the extrance for the Media bypass. Destroyed by fire.
      • re: Log CabinAl Knystautas, Thu Feb 18 9:22am
        Was this the one that was right in the "crotch" at the bypass? I was trying to remember the name. If Kenny Kellow or Joe Boyle are reading (I think you were there Ken?)... remember the New Year's Eve ... more
        • Log CabinLinda B, Thu Feb 18 3:29pm
          Haha. I used to bartend there. That place was crazy. You probably could have refilled your bottle right at your table and no one would even notice or care!
    • PAULS PLACE.....Across from Giant Supermarket on Oak Ave.,Aldan. It was torn down to build What's the Scoop which still occupies the site.
    • Restaurantsjb, Tue Feb 16 7:37pm
      Can you say "ZABERER'S" down the shore....
      • Oh manJack Rhodes, Wed Feb 17 11:21pm
        Loved Zaberers!!! I was still drinking then, and they served pitchers of martinis. The food was good too... Right? Didn't the place have big animals or fish like swordfish up on the roof... Or was I... more
        • Re: Oh manmaria bellano scandle, Thu Feb 18 7:53am
          OK, all I could find online was a pic of the entrance on the road. I tried to copy and paste here but it wouldn't work. Big archway with a sign that said Zaberville, with a giant Z in the center and... more
        • Re: Oh manmaria bellano scandle, Thu Feb 18 7:45am
          Now that you mention it, I think there was some kind of a big giant fish up on the roof! Swordfish, maybe. I'm gonna go look that one up right now! Maybe I can google and find a pic.
          • restaurantsjb, Thu Feb 18 8:24am
            Zaberers...Christmas lights all year round...stuffed bears, clowns,upside down christmas trees hanging from ceiling...old fashion bycycle with the giant front wheel on wall and so many many more... more
            • Cool...Jack R, Thu Feb 18 11:11pm
              Somewhere in all those pitchers of Martinis were stuffed bears.., and lots of stuff. Thought maybe it was just a case of the 'blearies' thanks jb
            • RestaurantsLinda B, Thu Feb 18 5:06pm
              Would you be thinking of Menz Restaurant? Its on 47 right before you enter the villas.
              • restaurantsjb, Thu Feb 18 5:28pm
                Thats it Menz...thank you Linda....
                • RestaurantsLinda B, Thu Feb 18 6:06pm
                  Your very welcome! Good food there too!
                  • RestaurantsBob Dibeler, Fri Feb 19 2:01am
                    I am surprised that some of the goombas (sic) out there have not mentioned the Melrose, at least for the atmosphere.
      • Zaberer'smaria bellano scandle, Wed Feb 17 8:41am
        OMG I forgot about Zaberer's! I ate there once or twice, and loved it! Good food. I think that's the place (correct me if I'm wrong) that used to make the guys wear dinner jackets. I remember going... more
        • zaberer'sbill ' ham ' hamilton, Thu Feb 18 4:58pm
          my grandfather when he retired was the plumber there on call i think that was the code about the jacket's we had a couple baseball parties there food was very good been gone for a while now
          • Re: zaberer'smaria bellano scandle, Thu Feb 18 5:03pm
            Hi, Bill. I thought that was the place I remember that required jackets! It was funny, the jacket they gave my date to wear was 2 sizes too big for him! I laughed all through dinner. I found a cool... more
    • I waitressed at the Lobster Pot in the mid-eighties Great place to eat. Also liked the Country House and The Willows both on Baltimore Pike in Lima
    • StouffersJack Rhodes, Tue Feb 16 3:27pm
      Stouffers Restaurant on S. Broad St. in Philadelphia. Before they found glass chips in the deserts. Used to love going there with Mom after getting hauled all through the Dept stores and downtown... more
    • RestaurantsFrank Spaide, Tue Feb 16 2:00pm
      Country House Inn
    • Sparns.....the building is now occupied by a CVS on Baltimore Pike in Springfield.
    • Mr. T's.....mentioned in a previous post.....across from the Baazar.
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