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Tink Bowers
The baseball fields and games
Tue Sep 20, 2011 5:29pm

The baseball fields right off lower Branford before the school was even there. EVERYONE young and old went to them. AND the refreshment stand...God...you were hard-pressed to find anything less than 15 people in line at anytime. They had great candy...red shoe string and razzles were hot items. Man...I still dream of that candy store. The small kids HAD to stick with the big kids (which they hated, but complied with) And if you weren't watching the game, or playing at the playground...the woods were awesome to get lost in...build tarzan swings in...tree forts in. Cool stuff...cool, cool stuff.

    • Re: The baseball fields and gamesVinnie cecala, Sat Dec 2 11:09pm
      The main field was at park lane, the lower field was at spring valley where I lived, loved the Tarzan tree off of the main upper field, also loved the swamp before they built the pool and football... more
      • Darby Little Leagueracallahan, Mon Dec 4 10:32am
        The field house concession stand by the Major League field (upper field)use to get most of my extra spending money in food and candy every Summer......
    • The baseball fields and gamesBUD HEMPHILL, Sun Feb 12 12:34pm
      Played Little League there 4 years. Also umpired quite a few games before enlisting in the Air Force in 67. I enjoyed umpiring more probably because I wasn't that good a player. I umpired for many... more
      • OmahaDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 5:50am
        Bud, When were you in Omaha? I was in the Air Force April 1968 through December 1992. I was stationed at Offutt May 70 through May 74. I also started umpiring and then coaching Little League - all... more
        • The baseball fields and gamesBUD HEMPHILL, Mon Feb 13 10:48am
          You preceded me by a few years. We got there in Jul 80 from Grand Forks (and were welcomed by a tornado that got awfully close to the chapel where we were sheltered) and returned to Grand Forks in... more
          • Little LeagueDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 11:04am
            I went to Italy from Offutt. That is where I got into umpiring Little league. I was stationed with a Philly guy who really knew the game and he taught me how to umpire and how to do it right! He was... more
            • The baseball fields and gamesBUD HEMPHILL, Mon Feb 13 11:18am
              And that is why I never umpired any games my boys played in. My only overseas tour was to Thailand/Viet Nam in 70-71.
              • OverseasDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 11:24am
                I went U-Tapoa Thailand my first tour out of training (Nove 68/Nov 69)
    • They were the DAYS!!!!!!!Ken Watts, Sat Sep 24 6:23pm
      There was so much talent that played on that field, it wasn't funny. I am sure big Bob Shannon did, that was a little before my time. I played there in the sixties, what a treat. Dug outs like the... more
      • Darby Little Leaguesteve lyons, Tue Dec 6 2:19pm
        Played Darby Little League baseball late 50's early 60's. Played for DELCO Lions. Tony D'Antonio was coach Had two great teams, won two championships in a row. Loved beating the Darby Rams!
      • JIMMY/MARK CROCCOBOB HARRIGAN, Sun Sep 25 1:59pm
    • Re: The baseball fields and gamesAnonymous, Thu Sep 22 9:27pm
      Wish I cold go back,,,
      • baseball fieldsBill Specht, Sat Sep 24 10:48am
        We use to play at the "plateau" at the end of Front and Second Sts. by the rail road tracks. Billy and Donny Molineaux, Keven and Barry Smith, Leo and Denny Springer, Georgie Killen, Robert Glenn, an ... more
        • ketchupbarry smith, Mon Jan 30 8:41pm
          my wife and I, Donna (charbonnier) from Colwyn, just had dinner with her sister Diane and we were reminiscing the good old days. Would love to "catch up" on some news of how the heck everyone is... more
    • Candy houseRichard Reynolds, Thu Sep 22 4:07pm
      The candy house at the little league field, some of the best hot dogs in the world was there. Water ice and the people that worked it was great.
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