Darby Borough Boomers
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Frank A. Collette
Tue Jul 1, 2014 2:25am

Well hello all, I just want to say that after 33 years in California and all the stars, people and famous people I have met I have this feeling inside that I do miss Darby and all the good memories and the nice people that if living I still talk to. I still talk to Mrs. Angel Juliana and a few others that are alive. Mrs. Dolores Rodenbaugh (her daughter was Tammy) died some month's ago and her best friend Theresa Tomachuch passed away a week later. I really loved those two ladies and that is exactly what they were. Mrs. Rodenbaugh lived on in the single home with all the land on the corner of Cedar Ave. and 5th Street. She was born there. Also I loved Helen Czehoroszcki who owned Helen's Food Market in her basement on 5th St. She gave us a charge up to a dollar when we were very little. She was so kind and I miss her. Her daughter was Wanda. A very beautiful blonde hair girl whom I loved. I will say all these so called famous people can not compare to what I had. Everyone thinks they are special and live different. Excuse me but I found that they all have commodes. Being one of the few turn key designers here in Beverly Hills and Malibu I met many and all they have is a lot of tree's or money. They just cannot compare to the real people that I left. Some are very nice like David Foster and his wife Linda Jenner Foster. She was married to Bruce Jenner and had two boys. He is a very very wealthy music producer who for one has done ' The Broadway Album ' for Barbra Streisand. He got his big break through 'Earth, Wind and Fire'. It was that song 'Through the fire' which was his music and he produced, The rest is History. He is so nice and down to earth and so is Linda. Funny thing is that I was a 5 star server in the beginning and I served her and Bruce Jenner at a famous restaurant called 'Rex's Fishmarket' on Sunset Blvd. Almost 20 years later I ended up doing the painting in a gym he built for Linda and work in their $45,000,000.00 home. Oh I have some stories good and bad but I will never reveal the bad because it is not polite. Moral is, 'Just be happy and have enough to live' also be kind to your family and friend's and just people in general'. They will not be here forever as I found out and it hurts terrible. Happiness, Frank Collette

    • CaliforniaLeCaptiv, Tue Dec 20 1:49am
      After 40 years living in California I appreciate the comments Frank expresses. Having homes both in San Francisco and Palm Springs celebrity doesn't mean as much as it once did. I've known so many.... more
    • Frank ColletteDonna P, Fri Jul 4 9:54am
      You have great memories - hold on to them. They are what keeps you grounded in the midst of excess. Sounds like you're able to do that.Can you imagine someone with a home grocery now? Much less... more
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