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Al Knystautas
what became of these DC teachers?
Sun Mar 1, 2015 4:10pm

Not sure how many DC graduates (especially those in the class of '66 era) are still actively monitoring this board?

I am very curious to find out, what became of the following Darby Colwyn teachers: Larry Lester (Sciences - biology etc) and Richard (Dick) Crater - Civics. Internet searches find me nothing.

Both were instrumental in nurturing my automotive hobby (still stuck there! and glad of it!).

Mr. Crater and his wife (unfortunately I can't remember her name) took me, on two occasions, to the New York Auto Show (and to dinner at Mama Leone's there - which no longer exists I think). He was quite an automotive enthusiast... always driving a BMW or (and I specifically remember this car) a Lancia Zagato 1.3 litre coupe (it was dark green). I remember I took him for a fast ride in my '67 Firebird 400 and he was quite impressed by the handling and acceleration.

Mr. Lester was more a US car guy... owning a Corvair when he first came to Darby Colwyn to teach in Jr. High (now called middle school I guess). He took Rick Lansberry (who I've also lost touch with) and myself for several 'spirited', high cornering G force rides in that car. Then he bought a '65 Pontiac Tempest... two door coupe, base model, metallic green, but with the 326 V8 and a four speed manual transmission. That was the hottest car I'd ridden in at the time.

Both were amazing mentors... hopefully the realized what a tremendous influence they'd been on a youngster. I wish I could thank them both, but it doesn't look like I'll ever get the chance.

If anyone knows ANYTHING about there where-abouts, please post a reply.
Al Knystautas -DC class of 1966

    • TeachersMike, Thu Sep 1 9:56am
      I saw Larry Lester today gave him the Darby boomers site. Larry said he would go on it and contact you. So Al now the ball is in his hands. I hope that helps you good luck.
      • Mr LesterAl Knystautas, Fri Sep 2 10:12am
        I couldn't ask for more Mike... thanks for giving it your best effort. Now I just hope that Mr. Lester (why does that just sound better than "Larry"?) gets on here and looks for me! Mike, you never... more
    • Mr LesterMike darczuk, Mon Aug 29 10:39pm
      I also work at the court house when I see him I will try and get contact information for you. Will write you with it.
      • Mr LesterAl Knystautas, Tue Aug 30 10:58am
        Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am planning on being in the area (driving from Wisconsin) on Thursday night, and all day Friday, prior to the scheduled reunion... hope I can see some Darby folk... more
    • TeachersMike Darczuk class 66, Sun Aug 28 10:48am
      Mr Lester is a court crier in Delaware county court house.
      • Mr LesterAl Knystautas, Sun Aug 28 8:35pm
        Mike, first, do you know about the class of '66 reunion on October 7th? Next, do you have any contact info for Larry Lester? Like in what town/city does he live? I have searched all over the... more
    • Hello AlChuck Perrucci, Tue May 19 5:30pm
      Long time no talk to. Still here in Perkasie, Pa. Ready for retirement. 68 and counting. Al do you remember my passion for trains. Well I still have it. go to Sellersvillemuseum.org and look at the... more
      • spot you... not exactly no problem...Al Knystautas, Thu May 21 11:24am
        Chuck, you are right, it has been a while... we are the same age... I just clicked over on May 10. Unfortunately, we've apparently both changed a bit since the late 60's... I went to the photos in... more
        • Spot mechuck perrucci, Thu May 21 3:24pm
          I'm wearing a railroad engineer's hat. My layout has a sky background. short fat and wearing a plaid shirt and glasses. LOL Chuck
          • Now you're identified!Al Knystautas, Fri May 22 12:52pm
            Got you now Chuck! One thing I did notice... it looks like the controls for switches have not changed much over all these years... a slider with a momentary press contact (assume there are some solid ... more
            • replyChuck Perrucci, Fri May 22 4:14pm
              You are correct, the switch buttons have lasted a long time. There is electronics available, DCC control is very common now, I am still 12v DC I like it simple. There is a switch motor booster under... more
    • what became of these DC teachers?Bud Hemphill, Tue Mar 3 12:40pm
      Hi, Al. I remember all of the teachers mentioned here. I also had Mr. Wesner for Homeroom. I'm sorry I don't have any info on either Mr. Crater or Mr. Lester. They were a couple of the good guys.
    • Re: what became of these DC teachers?Cora Sue Hedges, Mon Mar 2 7:50pm
      I remember them both well. I wonder whatever happened to Lee Swan (Jr. High) and John Pollack. I had Mr. Wesner in 8th grade. I still remember a Shakespeare quote that We were required to memorize. I ... more
      • TeachersAnonymous, Tue Mar 3 1:22pm
        Miss Ferry is on Facebook. Who is actually 'mrs. Swan
      • Re: what became of these DC teachers?Anonymous, Tue Mar 3 8:39am
        Lee Swan died. I met his son OJ, and he said his Dad died on Father's Day - maybe five or more years ago.
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