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K. Peel
Bobby Peel
Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:19am

I was wondering if anyone remembers my father, Bob/Bobby Peel. We talk about his growing up in Darby and reminisce often. I think he mentioned a lot of his friends knew him by "Peelsy". He lived on Fuller St. (we're cousins of the Wagners) and he also lived at Summit, Pine, and 6th and Walnut. Brother Billy and sister Patty. I read some things on here to him and he has such a fantastic memory of everything. He's probably going to be very mad at me for posting this! (Not such a big fan of using the computer) I just wanted to enjoy some stories if anyone remembers him, because I'm sure he remembers several of you. Thank you!

    • Great memories of BobbyCathy, Sun Oct 28 7:12am
      Just stumbled upon your post from 2016. I have many fond memories of your father - hanging out at "Jack's" across from DC high school; his orange Chevy Nova; French Creek State Park; James Taylor...... more
      • Re: Great memories of BobbyK Peel, Sun Oct 28 10:38pm
        What is your last name? We were just talking about a Cathy the other day.
        • Great memories of BobbyCathy , Mon Oct 29 8:48pm
          Cathy Farmer - from 14th Street. Your dad and I knew each other a lifetime ago, in the early 70's. Tell him I said happy belated birthday!
    • Re: Bobby PeelAnonymous, Mon Apr 18 12:24pm
      Would you happen to be CMSgt Peel?
      • Re: Bobby PeelK Peel, Thu Apr 21 1:06am
        I'm sorry but I'm not sure what that means.
        • Re: Bobby PeelB. McGonigle, Thu Apr 21 8:32pm
          Was any of your family in the Air Force?
    • Bobby Peelmike damiano, Sat Jun 13 11:55pm
      I was your parent's best man when they were married in pa. and your dad was mine my first marriage. The last time I saw him I think you were living in Ridley. I haven't seen Patty since tne early... more
    • bob peelkevin carry, Sat Apr 25 5:52pm
      Your father and I were very good friends in school...please look up my facebook acct. And give your dad my e-mail would love to talk with him...we thought he went to Tibet or some other exotic... more
      • Re: bob peelK. Peel, Sun Apr 26 2:24pm
        Fantastic! I'll find you on Facebook and message you his e-mail address (it'll likely go into your "others" folder since we aren't friends on there). Also, might as well be Tibet! Haha, he has been... more
        • peelskevin carry, Sun Apr 26 7:56pm
          Look forward to it...Idaho...lol potato land....thank you!
    • Bobby PeelDonna Monroe, Sat Apr 25 12:54am
      I didn't know your father, I lived on the other side of town, but I just wanted to say how wonderful that you care so much for your father that you would take the time to reach out to his childhood... more
      • Donna Pennington MonroeGloria Capriotti, Sat Apr 25 9:12am
        Donna, you are so considerate and kind. And, you are loved.
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