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The baseball fields and games
Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:48am

You preceded me by a few years. We got there in Jul 80 from Grand Forks (and were welcomed by a tornado that got awfully close to the chapel where we were sheltered) and returned to Grand Forks in Jul 83. I served from 67-87.

I really enjoyed working with the kids. I also learned how to prevent parents from becoming too tough on the kids. I made them focus on me and it worked like a charm. Sometimes I would pit the parents of one team against the parents of the other. The kids loved it when their parents were trying to out cheer the other parents. I never allowed the parents to say anything negative about the kids. Of course, I allowed them to get on me all they wanted as long as they kept it decent.

I always called my games really, really loud; people claimed they could hear me call a strike 4 blocks from the fields. I did it mainly to focus the kids but it also focused the parents on me.

Those are some great memories.

  • OmahaDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 5:50am
    Bud, When were you in Omaha? I was in the Air Force April 1968 through December 1992. I was stationed at Offutt May 70 through May 74. I also started umpiring and then coaching Little League - all... more
    • The baseball fields and games — BUD HEMPHILL, Mon Feb 13 10:48am
      • Little LeagueDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 11:04am
        I went to Italy from Offutt. That is where I got into umpiring Little league. I was stationed with a Philly guy who really knew the game and he taught me how to umpire and how to do it right! He was... more
        • The baseball fields and gamesBUD HEMPHILL, Mon Feb 13 11:18am
          And that is why I never umpired any games my boys played in. My only overseas tour was to Thailand/Viet Nam in 70-71.
          • OverseasDickBrogan, Mon Feb 13 11:24am
            I went U-Tapoa Thailand my first tour out of training (Nove 68/Nov 69)
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