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Sat Mar 4, 2017 1:15pm

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of my friend, Ernie.


    • Ernie boyLinda Bello aka (Dorczuk), Sun Mar 5 5:53pm
      I was just talking about Ernie and Eddie Mcvoy the other day, I lived three doors from him and his mom Gladys and dad Ernie, I can still her calling him,Ernie boy, everybody loses touch but you never ... more
      • Ernie Mary Woodruff, Mon Mar 6 8:22am
        Linda: Ernie was married, he was 67 when he passed. You can find his obit @ Marvil Funeral Home - marvilfuneralhome.com.
    • Ernie's passingAl Knystautas, Sun Mar 5 10:58am
      Thanks Bud, for passing this on... I did go and leave my condolences at the Marvel web site... leaving one particular interaction that I had with him, years ago. He and I once raced on Wycombe Ave,... more
      • one more thingAl Knystautas, Sun Mar 5 11:06am
        Not exactly on topic... but just some advice from someone who's recently had an 'experience'... I always told my wife Gloria that I loved her... whether it was leaving to go to the store, or hanging... more
        • ONE MORE THINGBUD HEMPHILL, Sun Mar 5 11:50am
          Al, My deepest condolences on your loss. I cannot begin to understand how painful it must be. I wish you peace. Bud
          • Thank youAl Knystautas, Sun Mar 5 12:17pm
            Thanks for the thought Bud... it's appreciated. Al
    • Another LossDonna P, Sun Mar 5 10:37am
      I didn't know him but he certainly sounds like a great man. I have the utmost respect for teachers. He must have loved his profession.
    • Ernie MartinelliDiane Barlam Geddez, Sun Mar 5 7:04am
      Sorry for your loss. I dont think I knew him but he was around my age. Rest in Peace Ernie
      • Ernie Pat Munyan, Mon Mar 6 8:40am
        Diane, Ernie was a "public." He graduated with my husband, DCHS '67. That class has lost a lot of members.
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