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Re: <70 wins
Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:27 (XFF:

I haven't been to Petco under the new regime, but your opinion carries weight on its own and matches what I've heard from others. That's important, because the team is going to suck again next year and, if we're lucky, struggle to mediocrity in 2018.

Agree no fall guy. Whether Preller was coerced into the 2015 Hail Mary or went along willingly, the owners have given no sign that they're holding it against him. Green seems completely safe.

The biggest move I can imagine would be trading Renfroe. Preller likes loud tools and Renfroe's power is noisy, but Keerist in a sidecar, that's a horrific walk rate. His splits are yikes, too.

How athletic is Schimpf? Enough to play LF?

  • <70 winsWahoo Willy, Sun Sep 11 14:30
    Just putting some numbers and names together while thinking about today's game against the Rockies. I'm taking my kids to the yard this afternoon. Looking forward to our final "run the bases" of the... more
    • Re: <70 wins — McBain, Mon Sep 12 11:27
      • Re: <70 winsWahoo Willy, Wed Sep 14 13:05
        Welp. That was pretty awesome. Happened to get into SF last night in time to catch the game. Had to get up early this morning but stayed thru the 9th. I dont take any pleasure in watching Bochy's... more
        • Re: <70 winsMcBain, Wed Sep 14 15:46
          I take some pleasure in it. Bochy's headed for the HoF as a manager, but SF employs a pair of jackholes in Pagan and Bumgarner that make it easy to root for failure. Non-zero chance of a "Spangenberg ... more
          • Re: <70 winsChase, Wed Sep 14 20:00
            That win last night, man, would have loved to be in SanFran to have witnessed it first hand. Yes, Asuaje at 2b looks like a great fit for a team that is crazy strikeout prone. Him hitting 2nd behind... more
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