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Wahoo Willy
Re: <70 wins
Wed Sep 14, 2016 13:05

Welp. That was pretty awesome.

Happened to get into SF last night in time to catch the game. Had to get up early this morning but stayed thru the 9th. I dont take any pleasure in watching Bochy's team melt down. But I will say, the collective groan in the crowd when Schimpf turned on that pitch to right-center was about the most fun as I've had at a Padres game in a long time.

I'm not sure where Schimpf fits in on the diamond. But I'm pretty sure he's going to be hitting somewhere between 3rd and 5th next year. I actually like the idea of keeping the infield basically the same. Any chance they could Spangy at SS? Probably not a good idea. And a worse idea to consider the possibility of Trea Turner playing SS and finding somebody else to play 1B.

But Solarte, Myers and Schimpf is a pretty good starting point. You put Hedges behind the dish... and now, they just need to go find some OFers. Oh, and pitchers.

Gosh how badly did they blow the Tyson Ross thing? It was actually fun watching Clayton Richard battle on the mound. He's only 32. They could do worse than have him in the rotation next year in the backend. (they could do better, too). But I'm more worried about the front end than the back.

Perdomo, Richard and Jackson are the STABLE part of the rotation. Cosart? Ick.

  • Re: <70 winsMcBain, Mon Sep 12 11:27
    I haven't been to Petco under the new regime, but your opinion carries weight on its own and matches what I've heard from others. That's important, because the team is going to suck again next year... more
    • Re: <70 wins — Wahoo Willy, Wed Sep 14 13:05
      • Re: <70 winsMcBain, Wed Sep 14 15:46
        I take some pleasure in it. Bochy's headed for the HoF as a manager, but SF employs a pair of jackholes in Pagan and Bumgarner that make it easy to root for failure. Non-zero chance of a "Spangenberg ... more
        • Re: <70 winsChase, Wed Sep 14 20:00
          That win last night, man, would have loved to be in SanFran to have witnessed it first hand. Yes, Asuaje at 2b looks like a great fit for a team that is crazy strikeout prone. Him hitting 2nd behind... more
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