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Re: <70 wins
Wed Sep 14, 2016 20:00

That win last night, man, would have loved to be in SanFran to have witnessed it first hand.

Yes, Asuaje at 2b looks like a great fit for a team that is crazy strikeout prone. Him hitting 2nd behind Margot, just like at AAA, could be in the cards too.

I wonder if they look to flip Solarte for a MLB ready starter with talent. The only downside to that, aside from Solarte having the best idea at the plate of the current crop, is that leaves Schimpf, Asuaje and Spangenberg at 2b & 3b with all three being left-handed bats. If they weren't so desperate for pitching, I'd hold onto Solarte until the deadline, see if he keeps it up for starters, and simply have Spangenberg or Asuaje spend a couple months in the minors.

No way is Myers getting 100m this off-season after his second half. I wouldn't hesitate to locking him up, but were probably talking Brandon Belt money. He's a great player to have stick around for when the team is ready to compete (age 28 in 2019), and still would prefer gambling on locking him up versus going year-to-year. Going year-to-year makes me want to trade him, per usual.

I don't think we'll see Preller deal Renfroe, and not just because he held onto him when the top prospects were dealt two off-seasons ago. Clearly they'll be focusing on him becoming more patient at the plate. If he's not the RF going forward, Wil Myers is probably the next best option for the position of the guys that are ready now. They've got CF & LF more than covered though.

The outfield depth is looking awesome, all those guys you mentioned, and the prospects that all fared well - Frenchy Cordero at (AA), Michael Gettys (A+), and Franmil Reyes (A+) who had himself a very nice second half could all be in the picture in the next year or two. Those three probably all fit better as a RF replacement for Renfroe than the current crop.

I'm figuring we'll see Dickerson in LF, Margot in CF & Renfroe in RF with Jankowski playing a ton in a 4th outfield role. Nice mix of guys, and you could see a defense first outfield at times with Myers giving Renfroe a spell in RF and Dickerson playing 1b. Those five guys splitting the playing time between the OF & 1b looks like a solid plan.

Really pleased with the lineup they can put together today going forward with guys that are all under control for a good long time.

Fingers crossed those college arms make big gains next year in the minors!

  • Re: <70 winsMcBain, Wed Sep 14 15:46
    I take some pleasure in it. Bochy's headed for the HoF as a manager, but SF employs a pair of jackholes in Pagan and Bumgarner that make it easy to root for failure. Non-zero chance of a "Spangenberg ... more
    • Re: <70 wins — Chase, Wed Sep 14 20:00
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