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Wahoo Willy
Re: Yes....BC of Dee
Mon Sep 19, 2016 17:25

I'll do ya one conspiracy further...

Dont you think Mike Dee would have all the relationships necessary to back-channel into the Red Sox front office just how badly they got ripped off?

I think it's bad. Ugly. Worse probably than I had anticipated. National writers (again) getting called in for juicy scoops that the local paper can't get. Speaking of Nightengale & Olney.

Peter Seidler is the name to keep in mind, I think. To answer my now seemingly VERY dated rhetorical question about what/if any changes are going to be made this offseason; it seems likely to me that something will change or already has. If nobody leaves, it's the internal hierarchy. If somebody leaves, well then I guess we'll see who it is. But I don't think what's gone down is a great situation for Preller no matter how you slice it. He was clearly compelled to take the fall, despite having a track record already. And what he took the fall for is even less defined.

I mean, seriously, WTF? That's the part that makes me think there are folks in the Padres organization who aren't that sad to see this come down. Two sets of books on injuries? Not really. A series of questionable trades, highly risky, with lots of financial implications? Absolutely.

The biggest knock of all? Nationals leadoff hitter Trea Turner, currently hitting 355/377/590.

  • Yes....BC of DeeMark, Fri Sep 16 16:09
    Yes, he does but largely because I think that Dee had something to do with this already. Do you think that Dee was completely unaware of this talk during spring training or the larger premise of... more
    • Re: Yes....BC of Dee — Wahoo Willy, Mon Sep 19 17:25
      • Re: Yes....BC of DeeMcBain, Mon Sep 19 18:09
        In this conspiracy scenario, does Dee want Preller gone or does he want him tame? Seems to me that Dee, despite his own unpopularity and questionable decisions, still has Fowler firmly in his corner. ... more
        • Re: Yes....BC of DeeWahoo Willy, Tue Sep 20 15:42
          I guess what I'm saying is the suspension of AJ Preller has the effect of leaving really nobody happy. The Red Sox are ticked they didnt get a draft pick (or some other form of compensation). Preller ... more
        • Barney Fife was not a reference to youMcBain, Tue Sep 20 10:05
          But to MLB investigators.
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