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Re: Yes....BC of Dee
Mon Sep 19, 2016 18:09 (XFF:

In this conspiracy scenario, does Dee want Preller gone or does he want him tame?

Seems to me that Dee, despite his own unpopularity and questionable decisions, still has Fowler firmly in his corner. If he wanted to put a leash on Preller or get rid of him, why do something that hurts the Padre brand? He'd have hurt Preller more and the team less by leaking unflattering info about Kemp / MUpton / Shields. Or, as you say, gave a non-attribution story claiming that Preller blew off lots of advice about Turner.

If anyone within the org was gunning for Preller, I'd look lower rather than higher. Whatever the reality of their relationship, Dee, Fowler, and Preller are yoked together in the public eye. The first two let the last one pay boxcars of money to other teams and to teenagers from Latin America. Is that the behavior of a boss trying to undermine his employee?

Why Preller was suspended doesn't look murky at all. He told the training staff to stop logging info that had always been logged before, and he told them the reason why was to gain a trading advantage. Barney Fife could put that together.

  • Re: Yes....BC of DeeWahoo Willy, Mon Sep 19 17:25
    I'll do ya one conspiracy further... Dont you think Mike Dee would have all the relationships necessary to back-channel into the Red Sox front office just how badly they got ripped off? I think it's... more
    • Re: Yes....BC of Dee — McBain, Mon Sep 19 18:09
      • Re: Yes....BC of DeeWahoo Willy, Tue Sep 20 15:42
        I guess what I'm saying is the suspension of AJ Preller has the effect of leaving really nobody happy. The Red Sox are ticked they didnt get a draft pick (or some other form of compensation). Preller ... more
      • Barney Fife was not a reference to youMcBain, Tue Sep 20 10:05
        But to MLB investigators.
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