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Wahoo Willy
Re: Yes....BC of Dee
Tue Sep 20, 2016 15:42

I guess what I'm saying is the suspension of AJ Preller has the effect of leaving really nobody happy. The Red Sox are ticked they didnt get a draft pick (or some other form of compensation). Preller is essentially "embarrassed" but not harmed beyond his already sullied reputation; short of the relatively modest financial hit. And ya, the Padres take a hit on brand for what seems to be best described as one of those unnamed rules of baseball. Where, "guys get traded all the time with questionable medical records/info but you don't screw your neighbor THAT way." Or whatever.

The idea that the Padres were going to get one over on the Red Sox because they failed to disclose Pomeranz was taking an anti-inflammatory is absurd. Baseball players have been taking over the counters with or without their teams consent for years. The Padres seem to be most guilty of being sloppy (and having fired their longtime trainer the year before). To think that they really believed they were going to get over in a trade in this fashion, is, to borrow your line, to believe they could pull one over on Barney Fife.

Anyway. If things get worse behind the scenes, or even if it becomes a problem with renewals; the easy answer for the Padres is to part ways with Preller. And/or the guys involved below him. And distance themselves from that type of behavior.

I think having Preller tamed and busting his butt on the road trying to find value internationally is about the best of all outcomes for Dee. And frankly, maybe that was always going to be Preller's destiny in this organization (and in the game). How do you create and cultivate a sphere of influence is I think kind of a taboo subject. Especially in baseball. There's no question these guys all have big ambitions. But they're dropped in a shark tank from Day 1. I think Preller continues to get schooled that it's really hard to create enough value in baseball operations/player development to swim with the big boys.

Unlike this guy:

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