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Ross, Renfroe & lucky endings
Thu Oct 6, 2016 14:15

Itís frustrating how quickly Tyson Ross went from being our most valuable trade asset to a non-entity. ‎Sure Iím glad they didnít sign him to the dollars I was throwing around last off-season, but now theyíre ‎probably weighing if itís even worth tendering him a contract for around 10m, if the outlook hasnít ‎gotten any better. Itís a shame, he had one of the most dominate stretches weíve seen from a starter ‎in the past decade or two, but we could be in the same position as the Reds with Homer Bailey or the ‎Giants with Matt Cain, so that will have to provide comfort over missed trade opportunities. And I ‎donít blame Preller for not dealing him, trading him at the deadline with a 1 Ĺ years of control and a ‎crappy pitching market in the off-season to follow looked like a promising position to be in, without ‎throwing in the towel before the season started. I imagine theyíll keep him, and hope he ends next ‎year good enough to warrant a qualifying offer to land an extra pick in the í18 draft, or pieces at the ‎deadline, but the odds of that happening donít look terribly great today. Itís definitely the toughest ‎decision of the off-season.

What a great start for Hunter Renfroe, being named player of the week in his first full week. Couldnít ‎ask for anything more. Iím sure some of us are probably hoping Preller trades him now that his value ‎has escalated, but thatís not happening. Jeez, he sure can hit the ball hard. Even the double he hit ‎down the third base line in the last game (2nd to last?) gave off an impressive thump as it hit the wall. ‎He might be a star if he could walk 70 times a year, but theyíll be fine settling for a very good player, ‎with all of his service time intact. The best part about the El Paso run, and the late September callups is ‎if he does struggle at some point next year, to the point where he needs to work on some things in ‎the minors, about a month down there will extend his control a season longer. If heís healthy, heíll ‎definitely be on the opening day lineup starting in RF, but itís a nice fallback option if the need arises. ‎Same is true for Margot. Asuaje will probably bounce between the AAA and the majors next year, so ‎heís in a different boat. ‎

Was thrilled how the end of the season played out. Arizona, Atlanta, Oakland and Tampa all won their ‎last two games of the season, well three for Arizona. Two days prior to the end of the season the ‎padres were pegged to get the 7th overall pick. Ending up with the #3 pick and those circumstances ‎falling perfectly into place were about as much as we could ask for. The difference in slot value last ‎year between the #3 pick and the #7 pick was 2.8m (6.5m vs. 3.7m) --- so our bonus pool got a huge ‎bump those last couple games. ‎

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