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Wahoo Willy
Mike Dee Out
Wed Oct 12, 2016 13:44

Well, glad to see AJ Preller survive this. And not super surprised. I think the next question is if Ron Fowler survives. But it was clearly a he goes/I go situation with Seidler. And it's been pretty clear Seidler has AJ Preller's back.

I hope Preller hasn't done anything to jeopardize that trust.

Always interesting!

I have more thoughts to come. But for now, Wow. And I definitely think this is a best possible outcome given the current situation.

    • A lot of gossipWahoo Willy, Thu Oct 20 13:49
      I mean, it kinda does start to look like Dee took the fall (and possibly incriminated himself?) based on what happened in Boston. And maybe even tried to pin it on Preller? Whatever happened. Looks... more
    • Best Case ScenarioMark, Thu Oct 13 19:13
      I think this might be part of the best case scenario. I mean, if ownership is willing and able to be more part of the business side of things and are willing to allow Preller (or really whomever) run ... more
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