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Burned out
Thu Apr 6, 2017 17:47 (XFF:

On the Padres / baseball generally.

Not long ago I'd have been excited about the chutzpah of keeping three Rule 5 players, hybridizing Bethancourt, giving Shimpf a chance. After half-a-dozen stillborn attempts, we're finally going Full Donkey. But somewhere along the line I sprained my Give A Damn. I'll still root for them, watch who they draft, see who they land internationally. But I'm not hanging on their every move anymore.

  • I Check in Every So Often Around HereMark, Wed Apr 5 18:00
    It's a microcosm of the season that we didn't have a single post about a great piece of starting pitching last night....especially given they are likely to be few and far between. Is Lake Elsinore's... more
    • Hey, we're 2-2Alan, Sat Apr 8 11:16
      At least for the next few hours. Margot is exciting, and I have hope for Renfroe. The staff is going to be horrific at time, but hopefully we get a few surprising seasons out of them this year. I am... more
    • Burned out — McBain, Thu Apr 6 17:47
      • YeahAlan, Sat Apr 8 11:20
        I stopped following them that way a while ago. But I've been done with the NFL for about a year, and while I watch the NBA pretty darn closely and I'm strangely getting into soccer despite all logic, ... more
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