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Sat Apr 8, 2017 11:20

I stopped following them that way a while ago. But I've been done with the NFL for about a year, and while I watch the NBA pretty darn closely and I'm strangely getting into soccer despite all logic, I'm coming back around to the Padres and baseball as a summer sport.

I can kinda get behind the A's, but never had the same connection.

That all said, I've been reading up on the international stuff, etc. They still never seem to get that monster prospect -- the Kris Bryant, for example, but the farm system actually seems fairly deep in pitching, and for real this time.

  • Burned outMcBain, Thu Apr 6 17:47
    On the Padres / baseball generally. Not long ago I'd have been excited about the chutzpah of keeping three Rule 5 players, hybridizing Bethancourt, giving Shimpf a chance. After half-a-dozen... more
    • Yeah — Alan, Sat Apr 8 11:20
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