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Re: Draft
Wed Jun 14, 2017 09:43

Like the pitcher, he seems like Max Fried + maybe 5%.

The catchers...who knows? Campusano gets the "should be able to stay behind the plate" scouting report, which can be the kiss of death for actually doing it. Hunt's the opposite.

The next three seem to be pure scouting:

Mason House is the closest thing to the old "I was driving through the country and got lost and met this farm kid who was carrying a cow on his back, so I signed him" story. Big strong guy, barely participated in any of the showcase / travel team stuff that every other top prep prospect does.

Homza, the Alaskan, intrigues me greatly. Played some left side of the IF in high school but it sounds like they're making him a FT catcher immediately.

The rest of the picks so far are cheap college signs.

  • Draftjst25, Tue Jun 13 14:20
    So, a high school pitcher and two HS catchers. Someone tell me what to feel. Should I be angry? Excited?
    • Re: Draft — McBain, Wed Jun 14 09:43
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