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Wahoo willy
Sat Oct 28, 2017 22:07

Iíve been meaning to get on her for months.

Saw AJ hinch put up his sign and had to check in. I actually moved back to Leucadia about 4 yrs ago. Everything is great and even have Pads 1/2 season plan. I havenít given up on the team.

Anyway. I used to see KT at the Pannikin pretty regularly. About 6 mos ago I saw him using a walker on neptune. It was really heartbreaking. I almost came to the board to post about it but didnít want to spread rumors or show up with bad vibes. Had heard elsewhere that it was true.

I hope everybody out there is doing well. And would love to catch up in 18 for a game.

Stay strong KT.

Go Padres.

  • BC Of Couse: Tatis Switches AgentsMark, Thu Oct 26 13:39
    To Scott Boras. Of course he did. I'm not sure there's anything that sums up the Padres experience more than having your first top 10 prospect in what 10 years, but already knowing that you might not ... more
    • KT — Wahoo willy, Sat Oct 28 22:07
      • YupMark, Wed Nov 8 15:40
        Agreed, here's hoping for KT to make a full recovery. How's Leucadia good of a spot for the family as we imagine it to be? We're comfy here in the east bay (we're on the right side of the... more
        • Re: YupWahoo Willy, Sat Nov 11 16:40
          It's really, really nice to be back. Definitely let me know if you come down during the season. We can get to a game with Jay for sure. I've got some pretty decent seats near the bullpen. As for the... more
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