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Re: Lines vs Scouting
Tue Dec 12, 2017 15:31 (XFF:

Mitchell's age and the low IP make me skeptical of those 2017 AAA results. Last year was the first time in five years that his K rate was anything special. If his stuff was really whammo, seems like it would have shown up more often.

The FB velocity is good, but this report says the spin limits its effectiveness. It does rave about his curve.

He's way more likely to produce than any Rule 5er they might grab, but for $13M they could have picked up 3 or 4 potentially flippable arms. It would have made a solid start for a Cozart contract, too.

Mitchell's out of options. It feels like they spent a lot to jump to the front of the line that few other teams wanted to join. Wait, this is for tickets to "Sweden in Black and White," not "The Last Jedi?"

Maybe paying Headley consumes the money they might have used to buy Hosmer Roulette bullets.

  • Lines vs ScoutingMark, Tue Dec 12 14:26
    I saw somewhere, which escapes me at this point, that the Padres have become the most ardent scout heavy organization in MLB. Seems like Mitchell fits that. Read literally any of the scouting reports ... more
    • Re: Lines vs Scouting — McBain, Tue Dec 12 15:31
      • Re: Lines vs ScoutingWahoo Willy, Thu Dec 14 13:06
        Am i crazy to be hoping for Machado? I just cant understand the Hosmer thing. And this Headley arbitrage thing seems weird but I suppose I'll reserve judgment to see where they land. Shades of 2014,... more
        • Yes, CrazyMark, Thu Dec 14 14:02
          I mean, I can admit I've thought that they should be saving their money for Machado anyway. But, come on now....there's no 400MM contract that they're capable of doing. Mark
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