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Me Neither
Fri Dec 15, 2017 19:12

I thought De Los Santos was a really good bet (at least as far as pitching prospects go) to at least be usable out of the pen.

Hell, Tatis might be ready in March.

I know shortstop has been ghastly of late, but this seems like an over-reaction since it was about to fix itself.

One thing they've been mentioning for almost everyone-if someone if bilingual. It comes up with Hosmer and now Galvis as well.

Anyway, Perdomo must be happier today right?

  • GalvisMcBain, Fri Dec 15 15:36
    I do not like it, Sam I Am. Sure, any pitching prospect is a lottery ticket, and De Los Santos was in our second tier. Galvis' defense gives him a decent floor. But he's here for one year, a year in... more
    • Me Neither — Mark, Fri Dec 15 19:12
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