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Simpliest Solution is the Correct One
Sat Dec 16, 2017 17:53

So give me the easy answer.

Gary Templeton for Ozzie Smith.

We've got a deal largely centered around cheap ownership, miscalculation of player values and a bad job at figuring out how guys are going to age.

I mean Templeton (who always struck me as a good dude when he was around Poway when I was a kid) never was even average offensively despite getting to SD when he was 26.

The GIANT miscalculation to me, is so typical Padres.

McBain-for what it's worth, the longer they sit on Headley the worse I feel about this whole setup with Headley.


  • Re: Headley? Mitchell?McBain, Fri Dec 15 10:02
    No minimum payroll for teams that receive revenue sharing, but that's been kicked around by the MLBPA. I've come around more to Mark's POV. If they can get out from under Headley at 50% and net a... more
    • Simpliest Solution is the Correct One — Mark, Sat Dec 16 17:53
      • A contender, for sureMcBain, Sat Dec 16 18:03
        Admittedly, I'm focused on the KT / Alderson and later eras. Even Randy Smith has largely faded from my view. They have to move Headley. Paying that much to get a pitcher who is less valuable than De ... more
        • Re: A contender, for surejay, Sun Dec 17 15:54
          Put me down for Headley playing for the Padres at least through June.
          • Misplaced Fan PerceptionAlan, Tue Jan 2 20:18
            I think ownership thinks Headley is a draw for fans. And they are going to spend on Hosmer for the same reason. Who cares if it is a good move! We have to make it look like we are trying!
    • Re: Headley? Mitchell?jay, Sat Dec 16 03:37
      The Most Padres Move Of All Time would also contain some aspect of hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time as a necessary ingredient as part of an ill-defined plan. I'm going to go... more
      • Williams-Lankford for meMcBain, Sat Dec 16 14:49
        Lacks your "second time around," but checks my qualifications. Misevaluation of team needs? Our offense was already better than our pitching. Misevaluation of team condition? The last thing we needed ... more
        • No disparagement intended to LankfordMcBain, Sat Dec 16 17:55
          That was a messy post. Lankford may not have fit in with the Redneck Padres but never seemed to be a jerk. I meant that when evaluating The Most Padre Move, acquiring an a-hole would be More Padre.
          • I thought about Williams/Lankford as well. I agree on the a-hole factor as well. That's partly why I went for the 2nd Wells acquisition over signing Fernando to be the 5th starter in 96 or bring back ... more
            • ManAlan, Tue Jan 2 20:16
              I cared so much about those teams. How much did we all argue over Kotsay for Long and Hernandez? And how pointless was that? I know I've gotten old when I find it hard to summon the passion anymore.
              • Under the radarWahoo Willy, Sat Jan 6 11:21
                :) I think the move that sticks with me and most of the notables have been discussed already... well, this one is more personal. First it was the Ruben Rivera trade. Because thatís what kicked it all ... more
                • Re: Under the radarAlan, Thu Jan 18 11:46
                  Until the Padres or As are good again, I think I'm gradually phasing into "really enjoy going to the game and watching the playoffs but that's it." Thanks, Padres. If the young Padres actually turn... more
              • At leastMcBain, Wed Jan 3 14:15
                Those were three major leaguers. Think of the electrons and life-force we spent on Nick Schmidt and Allan Dykstra.
                  • If the PadresAlan, Thu Jan 18 11:47
                    had just drafted based on a Baseball America ranking or random choice, we would have done much better in the draft. Amazing how incompetent this team has been at drafting and player development.
            • Makes You Miss KT Doesn't It? (nm)Mark, Sun Dec 17 14:27
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