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A contender, for sure
Sat Dec 16, 2017 18:03 (XFF:

Admittedly, I'm focused on the KT / Alderson and later eras. Even Randy Smith has largely faded from my view.

They have to move Headley. Paying that much to get a pitcher who is less valuable than De Los Santos, who you then move to get a SS who was a possible non-tender, that's nutty. Doesn't matter if De Los Santos busts the first week of ST.

Some Padre fan wrote recently that he doesn't doubt Preller's scouting chops, but wonders if he has what it takes to build a roster. It feels like such an overpay. Oh, we've got pitching up the wazoo, what's one less? I needed a SS, damn it!

  • Simpliest Solution is the Correct OneMark, Sat Dec 16 17:53
    So give me the easy answer. Gary Templeton for Ozzie Smith. We've got a deal largely centered around cheap ownership, miscalculation of player values and a bad job at figuring out how guys are going... more
    • A contender, for sure — McBain, Sat Dec 16 18:03
      • Re: A contender, for surejay, Sun Dec 17 15:54
        Put me down for Headley playing for the Padres at least through June.
        • Misplaced Fan PerceptionAlan, Tue Jan 2 20:18
          I think ownership thinks Headley is a draw for fans. And they are going to spend on Hosmer for the same reason. Who cares if it is a good move! We have to make it look like we are trying!
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