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Tue Jan 30, 2018 21:35 (XFF:


I honestly had no idea he was so young. He was barely older than me.

Some of his gunslinging led to a bullet in his own foot, but he never stopped trying. Even when he had no money to spend and nothing to trade, he went down fighting. And he was always gracious when chatting with this particular fan over the long-dormant Bat Email.

    • Re: KTjay, Wed Jan 31 01:34
      Yep. The game tried to pass him by and he managed to reinvent himself. Maybe that was the best sales job he pulled off.
      • Re: KTWahoo willy, Wed Jan 31 01:44
        Damn is right. Just damn. Honestly most of my time and experience with that team feels like a dream. But KT was what made it real. We speculated together in here. I got to meet and know some of the... more
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