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Re: KT
Wed Jan 31, 2018 01:34

Yep. The game tried to pass him by and he managed to reinvent himself. Maybe that was the best sales job he pulled off.

  • KTMcBain, Tue Jan 30 21:35
    Damn. I honestly had no idea he was so young. He was barely older than me. Some of his gunslinging led to a bullet in his own foot, but he never stopped trying. Even when he had no money to spend and ... more
    • Re: KT — jay, Wed Jan 31 01:34
      • Re: KTWahoo willy, Wed Jan 31 01:44
        Damn is right. Just damn. Honestly most of my time and experience with that team feels like a dream. But KT was what made it real. We speculated together in here. I got to meet and know some of the... more
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