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Wahoo willy
Re: KT
Wed Jan 31, 2018 01:44

Damn is right. Just damn.

Honestly most of my time and experience with that team feels like a dream. But KT was what made it real. We speculated together in here. I got to meet and know some of the characters up close. And then I was gone. And not too much later, he was too.

Jay, I think youíre right. The guy could sell pretty much anything to anybody. And he was damn good.

This organization is paying off some insane debt in lives gone too soon.

RIP in KT.

Going to do better to check back in here this year more regularly.

Canít believe the talent getting stockpiled. Hoping to see Tatis jr up close in Peoria,

  • Re: KTjay, Wed Jan 31 01:34
    Yep. The game tried to pass him by and he managed to reinvent himself. Maybe that was the best sales job he pulled off.
    • Re: KT — Wahoo willy, Wed Jan 31 01:44
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