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Re: A Point Against Signing Hosmer
Sat Feb 3, 2018 16:46 (XFF:

Franchy's loud tools make for good daydreams, but guys with his profile have a....what, 20% chance of becoming a productive player? Unlike many past Padre prospects, though, a sizable chunk of that 20% also represents "possible stud" instead of "cheap utility player."

Usually I back labor, especially since the owners are themselves a cartel, but this offseason does seem like a special case. It's a warty class. Warts all over the damn place. A 5/125 for JD Martinez is almost exactly what he's worth, and that's only for an AL team. Nobody in his right mind should be paying full fare for Hosmer with the hope of fixing his launch angle. The commissioner could have picked a better year to worry about pace of play, for sure

Give me the under on 72, as currently constructed. We were 12 wins better than Pythagoras in 2017. Expect modest improvements from the position players but the starting pitching is Yikes.

  • Re: A Point Against Signing HosmerAnonymous, Sat Feb 3 13:59
    Thanks. I loved that post on Cordero. Jeff Sullivan is the only guy left there! I wonder what’s going to become of Fangraphs. Not sure if you guys have been following the growing concern around labor ... more
    • Re: A Point Against Signing Hosmer — McBain, Sat Feb 3 16:46
      • Come on McBainMark, Sun Feb 4 16:06
        We know you miss those old Nick Schmidt drafts..... I don't know about Franchy's tools and their relative likelihood of coming true. I'd suspect 20% might be high actually. It's interesting because... more
        • Re: Come on McBainMcBain, Sun Feb 4 16:34
          Schmidt and Dykstra in back to back years. *Shakes fist* Alderson! One of my favorite forum quotes was about Schmidt, from CDank / Wahoo. I can't remember it exactly but it was something like "This... more
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