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After one month
Wed May 2, 2018 09:45 (XFF:

Could be worse....could be raining.


Hosmer's OBP.
Lucchesi and Villanueva, although the latter could be this year's Pirela.
Franchy's sexy as hell. Defensively, jeebus. We'll see what happens when the book gets around.
Ross; great story. He needs to be traded this time around, even though the return will be much less.


Almost everything else. Not going to get excited yet about Cimber or Erlin.
The four up the middle positions have been worth -.7 fWAR combined, depending on who you count at 2b. OMFGAYKM.

  • Re: HosmerWahoo willy, Sun Mar 4 23:24
    Glad itís my money but happy to have him... thatsís where I come down. I also think this team is going to finish over .500 - even without a major league caliber pitching staff. And I think 19 is... more
    • After one month — McBain, Wed May 2 09:45
      • Those Up the Middle SpotsMark, Fri May 4 09:55
        Basically, it's Hedges and Margot that are concerning. Seemed like the defense would hold out for them both, but it's pretty shocking how bad they've both been in terms of hitting the ball. Given... more
        • Re: Those Up the Middle SpotsMcBain, Fri May 4 16:46
          Yep. Asuaje and Spang were placeholders for Urias, unless we decide to use him at short. But any mock lineups for the 2019-2024 dynasty included Hedges and Margot. Galvis. It's way too early to bring ... more
          • Here's the WorstMark, Fri May 4 17:09
            Galvis: .235/.323/.287 with defensive WAR according to Fangraphs at -0.4 Freely available talent: Alcides Escobar: .218/.279/.336 with defensive WAR according to Fangraphs at 0.0 I don't mind using... more
            • Re: Here's the WorstWahoo Willy, Sat May 19 18:05
              I have to admit for falling for Galvis after the first week. I've also been bummed to see Manny start so poorly. But I'm not giving up yet. Franchy has been a revelation. I've actually been to quite... more
              • Re: Here's the WorstAnonymous, Mon May 21 16:41
                The role of Grumpy Phil Nevin is now being played by Zach Cozart. Can the Rays survive the backlash? It's a great experiment, using lower quality arms early. It probably won't force any matchup... more
                • Re: Here's the WorstWahoo Willy, Wed May 23 13:19
                  I think AJ got caught completely surprised by the downturn in the FA market. I think a lot of GMs did. A wannabe Sludge Merchant got another dredging? I do think you're right, i think it remains to... more
    • Re: HosmerMcBain, Mon Mar 5 19:19
      The 5/105 part of Hosmer is just fine. Better than fine. It's the 39 million dollar insurance policy on the backend that stinks. All the risk is on the team's side. It's a "WTF do I care?" clause by... more
      • On That Roster ConstructionMark, Tue Mar 6 14:10
        It's a hell of a lot easier if Tatis and Urias turn into all stars right? I have a feeling they're supremely confident in their top tier prospects and their ability to tell the difference between... more
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