Here's the Worst
Fri May 4, 2018 17:09

Galvis: .235/.323/.287 with defensive WAR according to Fangraphs at -0.4

Freely available talent:

Alcides Escobar: .218/.279/.336 with defensive WAR according to Fangraphs at 0.0

I don't mind using mid tier prospects for upgrades, as long as they're actually upgrades over what's available.

Let's call up Urias and see what's there. At this point, there's literally no reason to wait any longer.

  • Re: Those Up the Middle SpotsMcBain, Fri May 4 16:46
    Yep. Asuaje and Spang were placeholders for Urias, unless we decide to use him at short. But any mock lineups for the 2019-2024 dynasty included Hedges and Margot. Galvis. It's way too early to bring ... more
    • Here's the Worst — Mark, Fri May 4 17:09
      • Re: Here's the WorstWahoo Willy, Sat May 19 18:05
        I have to admit for falling for Galvis after the first week. I've also been bummed to see Manny start so poorly. But I'm not giving up yet. Franchy has been a revelation. I've actually been to quite... more
        • Re: Here's the WorstAnonymous, Mon May 21 16:41
          The role of Grumpy Phil Nevin is now being played by Zach Cozart. Can the Rays survive the backlash? It's a great experiment, using lower quality arms early. It probably won't force any matchup... more
          • Re: Here's the WorstWahoo Willy, Wed May 23 13:19
            I think AJ got caught completely surprised by the downturn in the FA market. I think a lot of GMs did. A wannabe Sludge Merchant got another dredging? I do think you're right, i think it remains to... more
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