Wahoo Willy
Re: Here's the Worst
Wed May 23, 2018 13:19

I think AJ got caught completely surprised by the downturn in the FA market. I think a lot of GMs did. A wannabe Sludge Merchant got another dredging?

I do think you're right, i think it remains to be seen if Preller is a "war time" GM. There's no question he loves foraging in far off lands for prospects. And he's good at it. And I think he's pretty good at navigating the political environment inside of Petco Park, too.

But his dexterity with a major league roster & the market for big league talent is really in question. Need look no further than the Trea Turner trade. And obviously, the Mitchell deal was a disaster and not worth the $13M gamble.

I did see Cozart's comments. Funny that he's on record as saying it (as a SS). But he's not wrong. The Union is the impediment. It's a huge clawback. I don't know what the split is anymore. But pitchers used to be close to 50% of total salary commitments. Of course, that was also a time when pitchers made up only 40% of the roster spots. It maybe has normalized closer to 50/50 now. BTW, did you know Carlos Villanueva has one of the most senior positions in the MLBPA? Had no idea.

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    The role of Grumpy Phil Nevin is now being played by Zach Cozart. Can the Rays survive the backlash? It's a great experiment, using lower quality arms early. It probably won't force any matchup... more
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