Re: Questions for the Off Season
Mon Oct 22, 2018 18:43

Keeping Renfroe and Reyes would be a great way to convince our prospects that we're serious about giving them a chance. If only Cordero showed more CF ability...but even as a COF, it would be hard to move those tools.

Even though Myers was productive at the plate this year, and played a reasonable LF, it feels like the only way to move him now is a salary swap, with Seattle as my pick to click. It's that or hope that this offseason, when he talks about commitment to infield work and dedication and blah blah blah, he really means it. The whole Fortnite incident was a bad, bad look for a guy who appeared to be playing 3b with his glove on the wrong hand.

Of course it's all the natural and not-unexpected result of Hosmer, but even w/o that mistake, there's no guarantee Wil wouldn't have been lackadaisical as a 1b again.

I've accepted the Crunch idea without a second thought for the whole year, but these guys can leave without costing me a minute of sleep.

Mitchell knock him off twice

Consider Torrens and Cordoba too.

Some of them could be contributors on a competitive squad, but as bit players, not worth the risk of exposing a good prospect.

  • Questions for the Off SeasonMark, Fri Oct 19 14:05
    Ok, so we've got some interesting questions in store this off season. Let's handle the most prevalent one first. What the hell do they do with Myers? Dude might still be their best player, but he's a ... more
    • Re: Questions for the Off Season — McBain, Mon Oct 22 18:43
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