Logan Forsythe
Wed Jul 8, 2009 16:02

Found this article on that Baseball-Intellect site RC posted a month or two ago:

2b in 2010 is looking like an interesting situation with Forsythe and Zawadzki putting up very nice numbers. Between A+ & AA they've put up the following lines:

Forsythe - .322/.466/.489
Zawadzki - .309/.392/.533

Infield seems to be taking shape. Really like watching Cabrera play. Think KT found a gem there.

    • Re: Logan ForsytheAlan, Wed Aug 5 16:09
      Between promotions, disappointments and trades, how many of BA's and BP's Padres Top 10/11 Prospects are in it next year? Two? Three?
      • Re: Logan ForsytheChase, Wed Aug 5 18:34
        Decker, Forsythe, Darnell and Portillo seem like likely repeat offenders. Not sure what their guidelines are for pitchers, if it's less then 50 IP with the parent club that could get Latos on the... more
        • Re: Logan ForsytheAlan, Wed Aug 5 18:42
          Forsythe wasn't on either list last year. I think Portillo may be borderline. It's not like he's declined, but it has to be hard for an AZL player to make it this year, no matter his age or stuff,... more
          • Re: Logan ForsytheChase, Wed Aug 5 19:01
            My bad on Forsythe... think he was #11 on BA. Overall though the team has to feel pretty good about the years they got from the minor leaguers collectively. Considering how little... more
    • BI on Latos's mechanicsRC, Mon Aug 3 21:35
      • Re: BI on Latos's mechanicsWahoo Willy, Wed Aug 5 12:48
        I meant to add a few days ago that this site is taking a pretty interesting approach by actually writing down what different analysts are saying. I don't know if there's another site out there doing... more
        • Re: BI on Latos's mechanicsChase, Wed Aug 5 13:08
          Good point, it's nice to be able read so many opinions in one place. I'm not worried the least bit about Latos strikeout rate. The first two starts he was striking out a batter per inning. The last... more
          • Re: BI on Latos's mechanicsAlan, Wed Aug 5 13:32
            Seems pretty simply to me on Latos. Almost every major league starter needs three good pitches to be elite. At least two, but more likely a breaking pitch and a changeup to go with a fastball. Latos' ... more
    • LatosChase, Fri Jul 10 00:26
      BA has they're top 25 prospects up as well as the next 25 in alphabetical order, which is where Latos landed. From John Manuel in the comment section: Latos is quite close, he was in the discussion... more
      • Re: LatosChase, Fri Jul 10 15:48
        An article on his start last night "With the Padres monitoring Latos' progress... more
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