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Bonus pool for 2012
Tue Feb 28, 2012 15:44

BA released the numbers for each team, and the Padres look to be in a great position in 2012. Seven teams, including the Padres spent atleast 10m on their top-10 round picks last year. Of those teams in 2012 the Padres by far have the biggest spending allowance at 9.9m, due to having 14 picks, tied for the most, while picking high to begin with.

The Royals, Pirates & Red Sox were amongst those seven teams, and will have between 6-6.8m for their top-10 round picks. The other three teams in that category, the Nats, Royals & Dbacks will only have 3.8-4.4m to spend on talent next year.

For reference, the Padres spent only about 1m less on their top-10 round picks last year then the Giants, Dodgers & Rockies combined. The Club appears to be in a great position to have very strong back-to-back drafts. Considering how well their farm system is perceived to begin with, man it'd be crazy hard not to be encouraged!

  • BA's top-100Chase, Tue Feb 21 15:53
    Alonso, Liriano & Grandal are ranked highest. The Cespedes signing tied the A's with the Padres in the most ranked players: SD 6 OAK - 6 Ms 5 Tex 5 Stl - 5 Arz 4 Tor 4 TB 4 Col 4 NYY - ... more
    • Bonus pool for 2012 — Chase, Tue Feb 28 15:44
      • Still the Stupidest ThingMark, Tue Feb 28 22:54
        I still can't believe they went this route in the new CBA. Yeah, let's talk all day and night about competitive balance and then throw a rule in which is going to help the Yankees and penalize the... more
        • Re: Still the Stupidest Thingjst25, Wed Feb 29 00:56
          I'm kind of curious what you are referring to. I don't think it was going to be long before the high revenue teams were able to get the lion's share of the draft talent. The more aggressive small... more
          • Re: Still the Stupidest ThingMcBain, Wed Feb 29 11:06
            That was definitely a possibility. The Red Sox seemed to be the only big market team that took advantage of their resources that way, but nothing would have stopped other big clubs from deciding to... more
            • Re: Still the Stupidest ThingWahoo willy, Fri Mar 2 23:06
              I'm going to admit that I don't think I understood this at all even 3 days ago. Im still not sure I do. I was in Boston today for a conference the MIT biz school is putting on. It's my 2nd time at... more
              • Re: Still the Stupidest ThingAlan, Mon Mar 5 14:09
                Is that really a problem, though? I suppose there is some marketing downside to losing the few athletes that baseball grabs between multiple sport stars now -- some of those guys can be very exciting ... more
                • Re: Still the Stupidest ThingWahoo Willy, Mon Mar 5 18:09
                  People may appreciate the game. But, I think Americans really value stellar athleticism. I know there was a period of time where baseball was being populated by glorified softball players. But I... more
                  • speaking of athleticismChase, Tue Mar 6 03:24
                    or lack thereof, here's a video of Jaff Decker hitting a nice two-strike homer off a lefty in the AFL. Best part is getting a side-by-side comparisson of both Decker & Gyorko when he crosses home... more
                  • Beer is GoodMark, Mon Mar 5 20:17
                    I can pretty much work around the schedule you guys need to keep as long as we're talking about something at 5pm or later. I don't think there is any chance my son gets to play tackle football before ... more
                    • Re: Beer is GoodWahoo Willy, Tue Mar 6 12:50
                      Yeah. From what I can gather, there should be a play-in game on 3/14. Though I can't seem to find a time anywhere. Does around the ballpark area make sense for you guys still? Anytime after 5 would... more
              • Re: Still the Stupidest ThingLost Gonzo, Mon Mar 5 12:20
                I don't own much in the way of baseball memorabilia, but I treasure my 1979 Bill James Baseball Abstract. So, when the Simmons/James talk appeared on my iTunes this weekend, I was eager to jump on... more
    • CorrectionChase, Tue Feb 21 17:19 The Cards & Rangers also had 6 named prospects. Hellofa lot easier looking at the work already done then... more
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