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Fri May 4, 2012 20:54

Looks like he might be out for a year or so if the diagnosis really calls for Tommy John surgery. The team really seems make bit.

    • It's InterestingMark, Fri May 4 22:55
      My first thought was that I was glad it was Tommy John and not shoulder surgery. At least with TJ we know there is what an 80% chance he comes back at least as good as he was before? Shoulder... more
      • True and MIlongdistancefriar, Fri May 4 23:17
        Hudson's at least showing the tiniest signs of production. I know the union is suspicious of cutting someone before the incentives kick in for appearances but there can be no problem... more
        • That DealMark, Fri May 4 23:25
          I'm 99% sure that deal was all about Roach who was on every break out prospect list known to man this offseason. Given Frieri is likely to be expensive by the time we see another good Padres team,... more
          • Re: That DealRich, Sat May 5 00:10
            So what's next? I guess Anthony Rizzo getting called up and hitting like Barry Bonds is a likely choice, given how things have gone so far...
            • walking woundedlongdistancefriar, Sat May 5 11:08
              Add Street to that list. Weird game last night. Really wanted them to be just a little slower tracking down Bass's triple so his first ML hit would be an inside-the-park grand slam.
              • Re: walking woundedMcBain, Sat May 5 16:01
                In our team history, misfortune and poor play are more common than not, but this is absurd. Street was the one player most likely to be moveable for a decent return without really hurting the team,... more
                • predictionjst25, Sat May 5 17:38
                  Next shoe to drop: Rymer Liriano is actually a 50-year-old named Carmelo Martinez.
                  • Re: predictionWahoo willy, Sun May 6 08:52
                    Remarkable. Just not much left to say. It really is a season of major league. The good news(I think) is. That some unknown player will emerge and steal the hearts of the hundreds of padres fans. Eric ... more
                  • Give Me....Headley HurtMark, Sat May 5 18:41
                    I mean, Headley can't continue like he's going can he? More power, same OBP and Defense......that simply can't continue in SD can it?
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