Tastes Like Chicken
Mon May 4, 2009 08:06

Chicken is one of the most versatile foods because it accepts flavor so readily. Post your chicken dishes in this thread

    • popcorn chickensym, Sun Jan 31 13:23
      I finally have mastered low-oil popcorn chicken - begin by cutting your boneless, skinless chicken breast in bit size pieces. - dust them with seasoned flour (how you season the flour is up to you... more
    • finally GOOD fried chickensym, Wed Sep 2 16:54
      Ok I've struggled for years to make GOOD southern style fried chicken and finally realized (duh) that I was trying to be too complicated. A bath in beaten eggs and a dusting in well seasoned flour is ... more
      • My late husbandTrudy, Wed Apr 18 20:20
        double dipped. First flour, then egg, flour again. Made the batter stick to the chicken better.
    • One of my finest chix recipesMondo Fuego™, Fri May 15 17:26
      Pollo ex Mondoⓒ a/k/a Mondo Pollo Taj Mahalⓒ by Mondo Fuego™ 2 or 3 top quality chicken breast tenderloins per person Marinate in a mixture of the following: - tequila (1 ounce per... more
    • Mondo's suggestions for Southern Fried ChickenMondo Fuego™, Fri May 15 16:08
      Here's what I found on Paula Deen, a great Southern Cook (Georgia): http://www.pauladeen.com/recipe_view/365 ... and ...... more
    • recipe that makes it really crunchy? Thank you!
    • KR's Honey Mustard ChickenKR, Wed May 13 23:46
      Okay, so there is nothing really new or different or exciting about this recipe, but people seem to like it (including me....i make it about once per week). Please note that I don't really measure... more
    • coconut chicken (c)Trish, Mon May 4 08:08
      Boneless, skinless breasts sliced thin marinade: coconut milk, ginger, soy, rice vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil batter: tempura batter made with very cold coconut milk breading: seasoned bread crumbs ... more
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