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care and maintenence
Tue Nov 25, 2014 09:08

Grace’d tried her best to be patient. Flobberworm care required patience. Merlin, patience was boring. But if she lost these, she’d have to get new ones. Actually Thom would have to get new ones. Unless he wanted pictures of him in a Georgia Derby dress spread throughout the school. But it wasn’t a card she wanted to overplay, in case she needed to use it later. So she was stuck, feeding and caring for the pathetic little things. Maurice was the most difficult. He refused to eat his lettuce and she was pretty certain he’d died at least three times that day.

The door opened and she threw the cloaking spell over it, her alibi already prepared (“Stuff. Shuddup. None of your business.”) She relaxed only when she recognized her partner and she heard the door click close behind him.

“I’m better” he announced. She smiled and ignored his outstretched hand to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him in a decidedly unchaste manner. Chaste kisses and hand holding was for use out there ( though she had to admit, she kinda liked it).

Randy had confronted her shortly after the fight, accusing her of turning his best friend dangerously stupid. She had tried, and failed, to not look smug about it. “ He was always dangerously stupid” she told him “ He went across the Bridge. Did you hear some of the stuff he was throwing? Those aren’t all goody-goody spells.”

“That he threw at Georgia Derby, because of you.”

“Isn’t that was he’s supposed to do? He’s part of our group, and we are dating.”

Randy had narrowed his eyes at her “ Two dates, and you haven’t even had the second one yet.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “ Look ,Dad , you can stop worrying. We’re both still virgins. ”

It had the desired effect of leaving him embarrassed, and torn between “Good” and “What?!” long enough for her to escape. Certainly he had spent the next few days giving he and Leo weirded out looks.

He was only just beginning to come out of that.

But for now Grace took Leo’s hand and lead him further into the room. “Welcome home. All the kids are fed and washed and ready for their lessons. Except Gary. He’s gone missing. Check your shoes before you leave.Why are you wearing the pretty shirt?”

  • Re: Project F - Leo, Tue Nov 25 08:21
    Leo was in a good mood, which was rare enough in itself, but he looked it too. Wearing a shirt of navy blue (which was alarmingly bright by his standards) he sauntered along the corridor towards his... more
    • care and maintenence - Grace, Tue Nov 25 09:08
      • Lets Go To The Movies - Leo, Tue Nov 25 09:28
        "Aww, Grace. C'mon! What did I say about giving them names, huh? They're for practice. They're not pets!" He peered over into the container which was stuffed with too much lettuce and had a strange... more
        • I do. - Grace, Tue Nov 25 10:04
          “ But how else are we supposed to tell them apart ” Grace protested, as she always had. It made perfect sense to her. If they wanted to notice the different reactions the creatures had, didn’t it... more
          • Not cake. - Leo, Tue Nov 25 10:19
            Leo ignored the protests. It was simpler that way. Otherwise he'd have to try and fathom how she could name a thing, call it George or Fred or the like, and then be perfectly happy to turn it inside... more
            • a whole thing - Grace, Tue Nov 25 11:26
              She almost protested that they were leaving Project F without any proper supervision and who knows what might happen while they were gone, but he had a gleam in her eye that said they were better off ... more
              • Drunk - Leo, Tue Nov 25 11:53
                All he could manage was to nod and even that took a lot of concentration for some reason. He wanted to tell her that she looked wonderful, that her outfit was perfect and she was perfect in it. The... more
                • Thanks and again - Grace, Wed Nov 26 00:04
                  The whole time they were watching, he had that slight tension that said his mind was not focused on the matter at hand. She tried everything, her hand brushing along his knee, her other hand... more
                  • Suspense - Leo, Wed Nov 26 05:27
                    Whilst Grace was gone to get food, Leo locked himself in the bathroom. Once he'd filled the sink with ice cold water he plunged his head into it. The sharp stabbing sensation in his eyeballs brought... more
                    • heated appreciation - Grace, Wed Nov 26 06:37
                      Her heart had begun a long drop when he said no. She had though they were doing well, how had she messed up now? But he smiled and understood the joke. She made a thoughtful face. “Well…it’s only the ... more
                      • Re: heated appreciation - Leo, Wed Nov 26 09:20
                        He wanted to...and she wanted to and it took every ounce of his well practised self control to pull away from her. Especially when his hands were already half way there, never mind the rest of him,... more
                        • alone together - Grace, Wed Nov 26 10:10
                          She made a small cooing noise and kissed the tip of his nose."Good. Because I'm never telling anyone ever. Not even Maurie." She slipped away just enough to give him some breathing room and cast a... more
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