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Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:53

All he could manage was to nod and even that took a lot of concentration for some reason. He wanted to tell her that she looked wonderful, that her outfit was perfect and she was perfect in it. The trouble was he had no idea if that was the case because his mind was very firmly stuck on what she looked like without the clothes on. It was suddenly impossible to contemplate her any other way and over all, Leo felt like his brain had melted. The traitor.

Half drunk and feeling incredibly awkward he joined her on the couch, placing one arm smoothly around her shoulders in way that even Troy would be proud of. He set the adverts rolling with a rather sloppy flick of his wand and settled into her, trying desperately to think of anything that wasn't her.

Lunch ladies, he reasoned, were underpaid and over worked. The day to day realities of their lives must be pretty grim...and every single one of them was hideous in his experience. Damnit Grace, get your hand off my knee.

Flobberworms were remarkably fascinating for a creature that basically did nothing, felt nothing and had no discernible use. He tried to remember the history lesson that the COMC Professor had given them back in first year, where they had been discovered and the reasons they weren't extinct. Really? What is that thing? Some sort of night gown?

The land disputes between a group of giants and a particularly vicious breed of cave troll during the later part of the 20th century were widely known to the be the number one cause of rock falls in the Himalayas. What was lesser known were the number of skiers killed by said avalanches numbered just three, but over three hundred goats had lost their lives. Sweet Mother of Merlin.

Her head nestled in the crook of his arm under his shoulder, her hand trailed playfully over his knee as she watched the cartoons. Enthralled in various stages of laughter her hand moved, not always to a place it should and for the last twenty minutes of film he found himself reciting every word of Scott Macall's lecture on the life cycle of Gillyweed. That at least calmed him down enough to try and engage in conversation, with words.

"Nice surprise?" he asked, because two words seemed about the limit of his capabilities.

  • a whole thing - Grace, Tue Nov 25 11:26
    She almost protested that they were leaving Project F without any proper supervision and who knows what might happen while they were gone, but he had a gleam in her eye that said they were better off ... more
    • Drunk - Leo, Tue Nov 25 11:53
      • Thanks and again - Grace, Wed Nov 26 00:04
        The whole time they were watching, he had that slight tension that said his mind was not focused on the matter at hand. She tried everything, her hand brushing along his knee, her other hand... more
        • Suspense - Leo, Wed Nov 26 05:27
          Whilst Grace was gone to get food, Leo locked himself in the bathroom. Once he'd filled the sink with ice cold water he plunged his head into it. The sharp stabbing sensation in his eyeballs brought... more
          • heated appreciation - Grace, Wed Nov 26 06:37
            Her heart had begun a long drop when he said no. She had though they were doing well, how had she messed up now? But he smiled and understood the joke. She made a thoughtful face. “Well…it’s only the ... more
            • Re: heated appreciation - Leo, Wed Nov 26 09:20
              He wanted to...and she wanted to and it took every ounce of his well practised self control to pull away from her. Especially when his hands were already half way there, never mind the rest of him,... more
              • alone together - Grace, Wed Nov 26 10:10
                She made a small cooing noise and kissed the tip of his nose."Good. Because I'm never telling anyone ever. Not even Maurie." She slipped away just enough to give him some breathing room and cast a... more
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