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Thanks and again
Wed Nov 26, 2014 00:04

The whole time they were watching, he had that slight tension that said his mind was not focused on the matter at hand. She tried everything, her hand brushing along his knee, her other hand interlacing their fingers from the one wrapped around her shoulders. At one point she nuzzled at his neck and heard, or thought she heard the words “Sweet Mother of Merlin” breathed through gritted teeth. The hand on his knee wandered too far at one point his resulting uncomfortable shift caused her to glance down and notice the reason for his preoccupation. She’d read the same books and attended the same boring lectures as any other kid. It was just a boy thing. They couldn’t help it the where and when and it was better not to bring it up. So about ten minutes before the film’s end she took her hand from his knee and curled it into a space between their two bodies. It’s not like he was completely innocent. As they watched, the hand along her shoulder had been stroking her shoulder and arm with the tips of his fingers, making her skin prickle. If the touch had continued down to her legs, she wouldn’t have minded, but she had no idea how to let him know that so just let the thought sit. He shifted again, letting out a warm breath of air.

"Nice surprise?" he asked at last. His voice was a low, strained husky sound that made her insides feel all melty again. She kissed the edge of his ear, trying to keep it one of the chaste ones so he wouldn’t be more embarrassed.

“ Very nice” she told him. “ Thank you.” There was a silence while she weighed her next possible actions. “ Hungry…wait here. “ she stood and slipped on her shoes the bounded towards the door. She paused, flicked her wand to summon her long coat and wrapped it around her. She moved again, paused again, remembering something else she’d heard about boy problems “Unless you have to …do stuff. Then hurry back.” She vanished through the door, returning a few minutes later with a tray emblazoned with the Cherry Pit logo containing a plate of sandwiches, a pair of hot chocolate drinks and shakes. She removed the shoes and rejoined him on the couch. The coat she kept one but open. Like the meal, it was to help buy him time to return to his normal self, before she tried what she wanted to do next. She kept tucking her hair behind her ear, even when it was already there, trying not to think about her next move and how she could not make it seem awkward.

“Uhm.” she said, finally. “ I never did get to thank you, for the Derby thing.” Not that she didn’t replay the moment “ So. Ehm…” she sighed, Like this was something brand new. This was after all only the second date. “ Can I kiss you?”

  • Drunk - Leo, Tue Nov 25 11:53
    All he could manage was to nod and even that took a lot of concentration for some reason. He wanted to tell her that she looked wonderful, that her outfit was perfect and she was perfect in it. The... more
    • Thanks and again - Grace, Wed Nov 26 00:04
      • Suspense - Leo, Wed Nov 26 05:27
        Whilst Grace was gone to get food, Leo locked himself in the bathroom. Once he'd filled the sink with ice cold water he plunged his head into it. The sharp stabbing sensation in his eyeballs brought... more
        • heated appreciation - Grace, Wed Nov 26 06:37
          Her heart had begun a long drop when he said no. She had though they were doing well, how had she messed up now? But he smiled and understood the joke. She made a thoughtful face. “Well…it’s only the ... more
          • Re: heated appreciation - Leo, Wed Nov 26 09:20
            He wanted to...and she wanted to and it took every ounce of his well practised self control to pull away from her. Especially when his hands were already half way there, never mind the rest of him,... more
            • alone together - Grace, Wed Nov 26 10:10
              She made a small cooing noise and kissed the tip of his nose."Good. Because I'm never telling anyone ever. Not even Maurie." She slipped away just enough to give him some breathing room and cast a... more
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