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Wed Nov 26, 2014 05:27

Whilst Grace was gone to get food, Leo locked himself in the bathroom. Once he'd filled the sink with ice cold water he plunged his head into it. The sharp stabbing sensation in his eyeballs brought the world back into focus and washed his mind clear of anything that shouldn't be there. He was getting ahead of himself, of her, and that wasn't the kind of guy he was - at least he hoped not.

By the time he had dried himself off and returned to the room she was already there, holding up a large tray triumphantly. They settled themselves once more on the couch, though now she'd put a coat on he was able to tuck his hand around her leg and under her knee without getting too excited.

"No," he replied when she asked if she could kiss him. It was a surprise she would even think to ask given that she'd never bothered before. Her face fell and he resisted the urged the grin and give the game away. His hand cupped her cheek, dragging the course skin of his thumb across the soft flesh as gently as he could. "But you can let me kiss you," he finished, breaking the suspense.

  • Thanks and again - Grace, Wed Nov 26 00:04
    The whole time they were watching, he had that slight tension that said his mind was not focused on the matter at hand. She tried everything, her hand brushing along his knee, her other hand... more
    • Suspense - Leo, Wed Nov 26 05:27
      • heated appreciation - Grace, Wed Nov 26 06:37
        Her heart had begun a long drop when he said no. She had though they were doing well, how had she messed up now? But he smiled and understood the joke. She made a thoughtful face. “Well…it’s only the ... more
        • Re: heated appreciation - Leo, Wed Nov 26 09:20
          He wanted to...and she wanted to and it took every ounce of his well practised self control to pull away from her. Especially when his hands were already half way there, never mind the rest of him,... more
          • alone together - Grace, Wed Nov 26 10:10
            She made a small cooing noise and kissed the tip of his nose."Good. Because I'm never telling anyone ever. Not even Maurie." She slipped away just enough to give him some breathing room and cast a... more
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