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a matter of hounor
Thu Dec 4, 2014 07:30

“What’re you on about?” Grace snapped back, grateful for the distraction. “ I’ve been shut up here the whole time, not saying anything. And did you not notice the sock on the door?” She pointed. It was her roommates sock and therefore made of overly bright stripes. The meaning behind it was lost on Grace, beyond being a Do Not Disturb sign. Probably a result of the stench they gave off.

“ You’re just going nuts from not sleeping.” She dropped from the chair and padded to her night table drawer. Inside was a small series of bottles and phials, the only things kept in a neat, clearly labeled box. She paused, a hand hovering over the box, then looked at Ri with narrowed eyes.

and Leo’s hands were in hers, in the coolness of their dimly lit alcove and their heads were lose together and he spoke of secrets.

“ You too, huh.” she said at last. She looked over the boxes contents, pulled out a bottle in which violet hued leaves and pieces of white floated. She took a small plastic cup the size of a shot glass, marked with many thin colored lines, measured out to the blue line and handed it to the younger girl. “It helps quiet the brain things. It’s only half the dose , but any bit. Also, you might wanna hold your nose first.” She shuddered at the memory. She had gotten used to the taste over the years, but the leaves still had an after taste that made her feel a bit like retching.

She watched Ri expectantly, closing and locking her own thoughts and memories behind a door marked Dangerous, Contents Explosive to be sorted out again later. As she reached in and pulled out a phial of a green liquid one thought crept back out. Ri was here now, angry and exhausted, but here. And who knew when else she’d get a chance to ask. Schuler Honour said she had to at least ask and Ri was the only Hardy within asking.

and he was there, holding her hands tightly, his eyes full of emotions he would never admit to, as he begged "I just...need this." . Grace glanced away and tried to stuff the memory away before Ri could catch it, or the way that look had made her want to give him everything just to see him smile a little.

She handed Ri the phial. “Take it just before bed. But set an alarm first. It’ll knock you out hard. Before you take it “ The question was building like air pressure in her head. Who knew air pressure could nag “ I need to ask you something.”

  • Noisy - Ri, Thu Dec 4 04:53
    Ten days. Ten damn days. That's how long it had been since she'd had a decent nights sleep. People who were exhausted tended to be grumpy at best, prone to random acts of violence in the middle and... more
    • a matter of hounor - Grace, Thu Dec 4 07:30
      • Phials & Potions - Ri, Thu Dec 4 16:30
        "Me too what exactly? No, you know what. I don't want to know. I just want to sleep. Is that too much to ask around here? There's a million other places in this school you could be right now. Go... more
        • Snitches - Grace, Thu Dec 4 19:38
          Grace frowned as Ri set aside the meds, but she reminded herself that the Hardy family had Mrs. Hardy for their mom. If that’s what medicine and doctors looked like when she was little, then Grace... more
          • Gimme What I Want - Ri, Thu Dec 4 23:17
            It was unfortunate for Grace that barely a sentence in she said something that made Ri snort with laughter. Boys were stupid but if there was a way to make them smarter, she hadn't come across it... more
            • offfers - Grace, Thu Dec 4 23:53
              Grace snorted "Like, what, marriage? Please. I'm not stupid enough to buy the whole together forever thing." Her jumper was a little too big on Ri, if only because Grace found the oversized ones to... more
              • Stuff - Ri, Fri Dec 5 00:13
                "See that," she gestured vaugely in the direction that Grace's words would have travelled if they'd been objects. "That is stuff." Her hands disappeared into the sleeves of the jumper as another... more
                • testing - Grace, Fri Dec 5 00:38
                  One ear made a barely perceptible twitch at the way Ri called Bradley Bryant "mine." One of Randy's girlfriends would have pressed the issue, but Ri was only 14, and that fell into the category of... more
                  • Lies - Ri, Fri Dec 5 01:05
                    Ri's eyes were already half closed and she was the closest to sleep she had been all week but she could still tell that every word Grace was saying was a lie. It didn't matter though because at least ... more
                    • Serious face - Grace, Fri Dec 5 01:56
                      Grace looked in her book bag again, replaced a few of the books with wrapped sandwhiches ( all Care books aside, Dawson seemed to like roast beef and pickles.) and water bottles and started to head... more
                      • History - Leo, Fri Dec 5 02:21
                        OWLS were coming. That's what all the Professors were saying. Between his punishment for the duel of being Professor Blackwell's TA, the time it took to win Grace over and their late night practices... more
                        • rant - Grace, Fri Dec 5 02:53
                          She took him by the arm “ Don’t need anyone else to hear this right now. But I think he might be a she. And pregnant. And kinda a slut. How long do they stay pregnant? “ she asked, guiding him into a ... more
                          • Questions - Leo, Fri Dec 5 03:29
                            Leo's eyes blinked furiously as he tried to decipher both what she was saying and what she wasn't while at the same time fighting the urge to make it all stop by kissing her. Clearly she had... more
                            • Proposal - Grace, Fri Dec 5 03:44
                              “Okay. I just want to be sure. Cause you’ll say you like things and then suddenly you don’t. And I just need to know where we are so” She opened her eyes and found him looking down at her. It was bad ... more
                              • Fumble - Leo, Sun Dec 7 00:47
                                Leo's face contorted as he ran through several emotions in fewer seconds than was good for a person. The effect was an expression that didn't know what it was trying to say. His cheeks puffed out,... more
                                • Score - Grace, Sun Dec 7 01:44
                                  She worried when he didn’t answer right away. He was a thinker and she’d give him all the time in the universe to think it over if he asked, but she’d still worry the entire time. She didn’t even... more
    • a matter of hounor - Grace, Thu Dec 4 07:17
      “What’re you on about?” Grace snapped back, grateful for the distraction. “ I’ve been shut up here the whole time, not saying anything. And did you not notice the sock on the door?” She pointed. It... more
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