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Thu Dec 4, 2014 07:31

The rooftop game pitch was having its temperature regulated, meaning the usual game of football had been put on hold and Randy had been left with tracking the ball down the corridors, practicing stop and starts and passes to himself. He had picked the ones that were least frequented, he wanted to tweak his own plays before he turned them lose on others. And the precision involved helped him focus, attaching a Divination technique to each hexagonal patch and turn of the toe.

His practice took him outwards, towards the rose garden, He heard a clattering and frustrated grunt as he turned the corner and spied Ri. He stopped, ball underfoot and watched for a while. She was holding a broom that was too large for her and letting it fall to the ground. While he watched she jumped onto it. The broom rolled out from under her feet, dumping her unceremoniously onto the ground. He winced as she landed, and got up “I don’t get it” she grumbled “what does this have to do with anything?””

“I was going to ask the same thing” he said. “Is it some sort of Quidditch thing?”

    • Riddles - Ri, Thu Dec 4 15:16
      Hounslow's broomstick, and why riding it would help her pass any kind of class, was by no means the only thing she didn't understand in Bradley's long, long, (Merlin knows how that boy loved the... more
      • Riddles - Randy, Thu Dec 4 19:05
        “I’m amazing at riddles” he answered with a cheeky sort of grin. What’ve you got?“ “Any idea why Hounslow's broom would help me with class?" Randy rolled the ball under his foot as he considered the... more
        • Ransom - Ri, Thu Dec 4 23:02
          Despite herself, Randy's cheeky grin curbed the rising anger in her chest and pulled her mouth into a smile of its own. It was always easy with him. There was none of that wiggling or hair twirling... more
          • uhhhh... - Randy, Thu Dec 4 23:31
            Randy opened his mouth to answer. It stayed open. The sudden heat to his face reminded him to close it. He cleared his throat loudly and rolled his shoulders. “That is not even close to what he... more
            • Not Asking - Ri, Fri Dec 5 00:00
              Her cheeks puffed out and her brow furrowed as she tried to figure out just why she was supposed to be mad. Randy was very insistent on not telling her though and if he wasn't going to she couldn't... more
              • bargins - Randy, Fri Dec 5 00:14
                Randy rolled the ball, then kicked it up into his hands, a skeptical look on his face. "I've seen Grace sneak by three sound alarms without knowing they were there. I seriously doubt her feet are the ... more
                • Boys Boys Boys - Ri, Fri Dec 5 00:49
                  Ri's eyes narrowed as he carried on doing that thing he did where his mouth wasn't in any way connected to his brain. Her fingers twitched. Sometimes he had a death wish and one day it was going to... more
                  • promises - Randy, Fri Dec 5 01:26
                    He listened, his face expressionless as she explained. “Other people’s feelings” he said, chewing on the words. And in a school full of teenagers, hanging around a bunch of restless teen boys. An arm ... more
                    • Chit Chat - Ri, Fri Dec 5 02:09
                      "Your feelings are the least of my worries," she assured him. "Not that I'm feeling them on purpose, mind. They're just kind of there.'re good," she finished awkwardly. The shoulder squeeze... more
                      • a new world - Randy, Fri Dec 5 02:37
                        He looked around, then licked his lips and leaned confidently closer to her. You're not alone in this. That..incident I had in Potions, when everyone thought I went crazy. I saw things. I mean I Saw... more
                        • Fortune Teller - Ri, Fri Dec 5 03:06
                          Ri shuffled down, then shuffled in and wrapped her arm around him. She tried to feel as comforting as she possibly could, making it grow into a kind of bubble that surrounded them and filling it with ... more
                          • A vision - Randy, Fri Dec 5 03:24
                            “Mine doesn’t work like that. From what the books say, no real Sight works like that. But I can try and tell you something about your future, if you want. Let me see.” He took one of her hands in... more
                            • Never Mind - Ri, Fri Dec 5 03:39
                              The feeling she got from him when he was Seeing, or whatever he called it, was strange and fuzzy and very difficult to describe. Nothing had ever felt like that before, as though all the potential in ... more
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