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a new world
Fri Dec 5, 2014 02:37

He looked around, then licked his lips and leaned confidently closer to her. You're not alone in this. That..incident I had in Potions, when everyone thought I went crazy. I saw things. I mean I Saw things. " For a moment, he paled again, pain filled his eyes and his lips trembled a little but he managed to get hold of himself. "It's what I do now, apparently. A gift from my father. It's not always big things, like that first one and I have to work at it. Otherwise I end up sitting there and getting hit with random views of the future. And its all symbols so damned if I get it the meaning." He breathed out, twirling the ball between his palms. "So whatever's bothering you, just now, you're not the only one trying to sort out a whole new world, okay?"

  • Chit Chat - Ri, Fri Dec 5 02:09
    "Your feelings are the least of my worries," she assured him. "Not that I'm feeling them on purpose, mind. They're just kind of there.'re good," she finished awkwardly. The shoulder squeeze... more
    • a new world - Randy, Fri Dec 5 02:37
      • Fortune Teller - Ri, Fri Dec 5 03:06
        Ri shuffled down, then shuffled in and wrapped her arm around him. She tried to feel as comforting as she possibly could, making it grow into a kind of bubble that surrounded them and filling it with ... more
        • A vision - Randy, Fri Dec 5 03:24
          “Mine doesn’t work like that. From what the books say, no real Sight works like that. But I can try and tell you something about your future, if you want. Let me see.” He took one of her hands in... more
          • Never Mind - Ri, Fri Dec 5 03:39
            The feeling she got from him when he was Seeing, or whatever he called it, was strange and fuzzy and very difficult to describe. Nothing had ever felt like that before, as though all the potential in ... more
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