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Fri Dec 5, 2014 02:53

She took him by the arm “ Don’t need anyone else to hear this right now. But I think he might be a she. And pregnant. And kinda a slut. How long do they stay pregnant? “ she asked, guiding him into a secluded corner. “I just needed to ask you this before I change my mind. You don’t need to answer now, if’n you don’t want to, I mean if’n you need time to think or you think it’s too soon or something that’s fine I get it, but I thought sine this was all a big deal and something you really wanted before maybe you’d want it now but I could be wrong because you never actually said how far you wanted it and am I talking a lot because it sounds like I’m talking a really lot and I should just shut up for a moment shouldn’t I? “

He nodded. She shut her eyes, took a breath and tried to pace her words.

“What we’ve been doing. The dates. Actual out, among people dates. You liked them? They were okay?”

  • History - Leo, Fri Dec 5 02:21
    OWLS were coming. That's what all the Professors were saying. Between his punishment for the duel of being Professor Blackwell's TA, the time it took to win Grace over and their late night practices... more
    • rant - Grace, Fri Dec 5 02:53
      • Questions - Leo, Fri Dec 5 03:29
        Leo's eyes blinked furiously as he tried to decipher both what she was saying and what she wasn't while at the same time fighting the urge to make it all stop by kissing her. Clearly she had... more
        • Proposal - Grace, Fri Dec 5 03:44
          “Okay. I just want to be sure. Cause you’ll say you like things and then suddenly you don’t. And I just need to know where we are so” She opened her eyes and found him looking down at her. It was bad ... more
          • Fumble - Leo, Sun Dec 7 00:47
            Leo's face contorted as he ran through several emotions in fewer seconds than was good for a person. The effect was an expression that didn't know what it was trying to say. His cheeks puffed out,... more
            • Score - Grace, Sun Dec 7 01:44
              She worried when he didn’t answer right away. He was a thinker and she’d give him all the time in the universe to think it over if he asked, but she’d still worry the entire time. She didn’t even... more
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