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Sun Dec 7, 2014 00:47

Leo's face contorted as he ran through several emotions in fewer seconds than was good for a person. The effect was an expression that didn't know what it was trying to say. His cheeks puffed out, his eyebrows raised too far into his forehead, the tops of his ears turned pink and his left eye twitched.

The first reaction was surprise. Surprise she'd asked and surprise he hadn't asked her first. In his experience it was the done thing for the guy to ask the girl out, but then Grace had never done anything the way she was supposed to. Then came relief, closely followed by a brief spell of happiness and then crippling, agonising fear. He hadn't asked Randy if he was okay with them actually dating and even if Grace was flippant with the rules he certainly wasn't. What if he wasn't okay? What if he said no? What if...


"Yes!" he answered, his voice echoing around the book cases. The librarian turned his head and tutted. Leo cleared his throat and leaned against the nearest shelf, trying his best to look casual. "Yes, Grace. I would..."

Her eyes were wide and beautiful. Her smile was warm and inviting. Her figure was... but he'd obviously worried her with his delayed reaction. He cupped her cheek in his palm and buried his fingers into her curls, fixing her with an intense, smouldery stare.

"Grace Schuler," he started again. "I can't think of anything I want more."

  • Proposal - Grace, Fri Dec 5 03:44
    “Okay. I just want to be sure. Cause you’ll say you like things and then suddenly you don’t. And I just need to know where we are so” She opened her eyes and found him looking down at her. It was bad ... more
    • Fumble - Leo, Sun Dec 7 00:47
      • Score - Grace, Sun Dec 7 01:44
        She worried when he didn’t answer right away. He was a thinker and she’d give him all the time in the universe to think it over if he asked, but she’d still worry the entire time. She didn’t even... more
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