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The Girls
Re: Night In
Thu Dec 11, 2014 05:02

It was Grace’s turn to look in the same direction but she had no idea exactly what Becca found so interesting about that corner of the room and ended up staring blankly at the wall behind Ri’s head. “We’ve been on a few dates. It's nothing, he was just havin... I dunno... Boy's time of the month. That's a thing ain't it?”

Voluntarily, Ri had covered her own ears and was humming a Pythons song to herself to drown out the words of Grace liking Leo even if she couldn’t escape the feeling. “Have they stopped yet?” she asked but Ellie shook her head.

“Now look watcha done,” Grace told Becca accusingly, gesturing in Ri’s direction. “We're just dating. We kinda like each other. Just trying it out.” She glanced over at the younger Reym girl and then leaned in towards Becca. “It was kinda hot though,” she added in a whisper.

“So he was just...”

“Being a dude and defending the honour of his best friend's sister,” Grace finished for her. Becca looked at her like she wasn’t buying her story for a second and she looked back with a face that said she knew and she didn’t care. Ri meanwhile had buried herself under a pile of pillows as the urge to viciously scrub every inch of her body came back to her.

“Now can we move on,” Grace announced loudly. “Someone said something about treasure a while back. What's up with that?” she tossed a bag of crisps at an exposed patch of Ri’s leg. Ellie went one further and prodded her in the ribs.

“It’s safe,” she called. Ri emerged from the makeshift pillow fort and cast a suspicious glance over Becca and Grace, just to be sure.

“Treasure,” she repeated slowly. “You guys going on the hunt?”

“I'm not really sure,” Becca said. “No one's even told us what the prize is yet!”

“There's a prize too?” Grace exclaimed.

“Of course there is. Isn't that why you were joining?”

Grace gave Becca a look and shook her head like she was stupid. “There's a hunt. For treasure. What else did I need to know?”

“Trust me, it's worth it,” Ri grinned secretively.

“You're in Reym,” Grace pointed out. “I have a rule bout trusting people in Reym.” Ri gave her a similar look.

“So you know what it is? The prize?” Becca asked excitedly.

“Yup,” Ri said with a smug smile. “And I'm not telling, so don't even ask,” she added, pointing at Ellie.

“Hey! How come you know?” Ellie huffed.

“You bribing Troy?” Grace asked. “Cause you know that's cheating. And I want in.”

“If I was I wouldn't tell you.” Ri pointed out.

“We should have invited Max,” Ellie said, nudging Becca who immediately turned red again. “He's much more talkative.” Grace, however, had her own means of coercion.

“Not even if I tell your horsey boys about a certain horsey princess?” she asked, invisible tail twitching. Ri opened her mouth, closed it again and scowled. Stupid Randy. What kind of man was it that gave you a birthday present only to bribe you with for information later? And worse…tell Grace.

“Can't anyone in this school keep their mouth shut?” she muttered.

“Keeping ones mouth shut is a horrible way to do business,” Grace recited. A lesson learnt from an old trader. “Ted lent me a book on Trading once.”

“Opening it is a great way of ruining surprises though,” Ri pointed out, launching a pillow in her direction.

“That's what I said,” she answered, casually ducking. “Apparently there's levels though.”

“Merlin's beard!” Ri cursed. The pressure to talk was pressing in from all sides, filling the room to bursting and giving her a headache. “Fireworks,” she huffed. “That's all I'm saying. About anything. For the rest of ever.”

“Treasure hunt and fireworks?” Grace’s eyes lit up. “That's it. I'm in.”

“You were already in,” Ellie said.

“Now I'm extra in.”

“How would that even work?”

Grace shrugged nonchalantly and nibbled at a marshmallow “It just would. And speaking of boys…”

“We weren’t” Becca pointed out.

“Ah no, you’re not getting around it that easy. You brought it up so now you have to deal with it.” She fixed Becca with a stare and any humour that was in her eyes was replaced by a seriousness that Becca hadn’t known the older girl possessed until now. “What’s your intent?”

“Excuse me?”

“You, you” she glanced at Ellie, “and him. What are your intentions?”

“Him who?” Ellie asked as Ri buried herself underneath the pillows again, sighing loudly and wondering how many scrubbing charms she will need to feel clean.

“My brother,” Grace gestured. “'Bout yeh tall. Feather hair. Dates books. Y'all been hanging off him for near four years.”

“I wouldn't say hanging off him,” Becca pointed out. Grace gave her a look and Becca added “But he is …“ she searched for the appropriate word “nice to be around.”

Grace rolled her eyes. As if she hadn’t heard those sorts of descriptions for over 14 years. “Yeah, I get it he's Mr. Perfect Perfectface. So you three are datin'. What for? Boyfriend? Hookup? Wingman?”

“I'm not dating him!” Ellie squeaked out.

“Spending an awful lot of time around him then.”

Ellie’s face turned a shade of super red as she fumbled for an explanation “That's because he's be around.”

Grace‘s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “To. What. End?”

Becca was getting rather tired of the dramatic, family honour or not. “Does there have to be an end? You and Leo don't have one.”

“Why would we,” Grace said. “It's just dates.”

“And a duel.” said Becca.

“Don't change the subject. What do you two want from my brother?” There was a growl in Grace’s voice that alerted some far deep part of Becca’s brain, alerting her that she was entering dangerous, toothy territory.
Ellie, looked at Becca.

“This is all you,” she told her. Then she looked back at Grace. “I'm not dating him. I'm dating Dean Ellis.”

Grace stared at her, a look of expressionless disbelief. Ellie tried not to back down under the stare.
The tense silence was broken by a sigh as Becca finally put the situation together. “It's alright,” she assured Ellie. “She just wants to know that he's okay.” She turned to Grace and said as calmly as she could manage. “We're just hanging out right now. Neither Ellie, nor me, would ever ask him out without permission first. And just, so there's no misunderstandings later, the same goes for Troy.”

“Speak for yourself“ Ellie muttered. If Troy ever asked her out she would jump on that chance quicker than Grace could object. Becca nudged her meaningfully. “I mean yes!” she said, louder. “Absolutely.”

Grace looked at the two Weir girls. Slowly, muscles she hadn’t noticed had tensed up began to relax and her thoughts started working properly again. “Fine,” she said, carefully. It wasn’t, not entirely, but it was all the information she was going to get and so it had to do.

There was a pause in the conversation and Ri peeked out from behind the pillows again, stupidly believing she was finally safe from all the boy talk. She was wrong.

“So...Dean Ellis, huh?” Becca grinned, nudging Ellie who had turned pink again. “When did that happen?”

Ellie smiled secretively. “Well, we were in herbology the other day...” Before she could even properly start her story it was interrupted.

“That's it,” Ri growled. She stood up abruptly, sending a cascade of pillows tumbling to the floor. “I can't take another word, I'm out. You three,” she pointed at them accusingly, “and your mushy brains have a good time.” She stormed across the room and then paused at the door. “I need to hit something,” she muttered and then slammed the door behind her. The three girls flinched, the walls shuddered and a stunned silence followed her departure.

“Imma pretend you two didn't do that on purpose,” Grace said finally, picking through the remnants of her platter. “And you all are gonna tell me what's really getting to you.”

“Oh dear,” Ellie sighed. “Do you think it was something I said?”

“More like something you thought,” Grace replied, taping her head. “Puberty things. You're all shouting into her head.”

Becca’s eyes narrowed as she thought over that sentence. It didn’t make any real sense, but then Grace rarely did. “And you're not?” she asked casually.

“Fine all of us,” the Reym girl shrugged. “But at least I'm thinking of things other than boys.”

“I don’t see why it bothers her so much,” Ellie said, staring miserably at the door. “Apart from us she spends all of her time with boys.”

“Have you hung around many boys? Those thoughts have got to be gross,” Grace pointed out. Still, she couldn’t help her mind straying towards a certain boy and his private thoughts.

“Should we do something for her?” Becca mused aloud, her motherly instincts taking over.

“Such as?” Ellie frowned.

“Not mention it,” Grace suggested. “I dun think she's supposed to let anyone know.”

“Then how do you know?” Becca pressed. She didn’t think she was going to get any answers but she was becoming more and more sure that Grace knew something about Ri. More importantly she wasn’t telling. Grace, as predicted, ignored her.

“Also, ease up on the whole boy girl stuff,” she continued you. “You might have a point bout her being too young.”

Ellie sat up a little straight and shook her head furiously. If she couldn’t tell the story of how Dean asked her out she would at least get to say something about the furious little Thestral. Max Bradbury had an excellent body, but an even more excellent mouth and he wasn’t even the only one who was talking.

“Have you seen her with boys?” she asked. Grace looked confused.

“Whatcha you mean?”

“She doesn't act like she's too young,” she replied pointedly. Becca frowned and shot her a look. “What?” she exclaimed. “Everyone is talking about it. Everyone. Even some of the girls. You should hear some of the things Poppy Williamson has been saying. And Aya Gee!” There was a moan in the room as everyone remembered the ongoing battle between the two and the trouble it caused. “Last year they couldn’t look at each other but during that duel they were holding hands. Ranger saw it with his own eyes.”

“No one else listens, why should we?” Grace scoffed.

“Ellie's just concerned,” Becca explained gently.

“Ri doesn't like Dean Ellis,” the Reym girl pointed out.

“She doesn't like anyone,” Ellie grumbled. “But they all like her.”

There was another long pause as both girls thought about it. Eventually they came to the conclusion that Ellie was right and a low growl rumbled in Grace’s throat. “They do don't they?” she said, her eyes narrowing. Becca nodded.

“It's really worrying. If it doesn't stop soon, someone could get seriously hurt…” Becca fretted. “And it could be her.”

“It won't be Ri,” Grace promised. “Randy and I'll take care of that.”

“Not you and Leo?” Ellie asked with a raised eyebrow. Grace cleared her throat and adjusted the collar of her shirt.

“Him too,” she admitted. “Just don't tell his sister.”

“She wouldn't listen anyway,” Ellie said, rolling her eyes.

“She wouldn't appreciate it?” Becca asked.

“Hardy family honour,” Grace shrugged. “It's odd but it works for them.”

“Does it?” Becca replied, the question completely rhetorical. The cauldron started to hiss as the liquid within evaporated and the wind howled a little louder than before.

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